Tuesday, May 24, 2011

With or Without You - Brian Farrey

With or Without You by Brian Farrey
18yr old Evan has just graduated high school. Everyone knows Evan is gay, but no one knows about his boyfriend. Not even Davis, his best friend. The two have been friends since the third grade and came out when they were thirteen. Evan and Davis have been bullied all throughout high school. They planned to move to Chicago for college but that was before Erik and the Chasers.

Evan has been dating Erik for a year. The two have a great relationship. Erik has welcomed Evan fully into his life. Evan feels like a better person when he's with Erik. One of the reasons he's kept Erik a secret is doesn't want Erik to see the weaker Evan. He also worries that relationship will make Davis feel left out.

Davis has always been trying to fit in. When Davis sees a new flier about a new club called the Chasers, that promises to teach what it means to be gay and how to stop being a doormat, he's eager to join. Evan being the best friend that he is goes with him .

Something doesn't feel right about the Chasers or its leader Sable to Evan. But Davis believes he's finally found something to belong to. When Evan learns the truth about the Chasers intentions he tries to warn Davis.

After a year of juggling, Evans two worlds are finally going to collide. Forcing Evan to decide on a future with his bestfriend or boyfriend.

I really liked With or Without You. One of my favorite parts of the story was Evan and Erik's relationship. Farrey goes well beyond the this is not a coming out story, creating a couple that it would be difficult for anyone not to see how much they love each other.

The author took the time to develop Erik's character which only added to my like of Evan and Erik. I loved Evan, he felt very real and was well drawn. Farrey's writing was smooth and well paced. There's a lot going on but it never feels like too much. A great debut.

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I don't usually add video clips to reviews (unless its a book trailer) but I couldn't resist. I found out but this at Lee Wind's blog, so head over there to learn more about the Tennessee bill


Liana said...

Cool. glad you liked it. I wanna give this book a go.

Jodie said...

I only heard about this book yesterday, but I'm so excited about it already. Plus, what a great title, that's one of my fav U2 song titles :)

Doret said...

That is a great U2 song

Anonymous said...

Its a really good book. The emotion in it is heart-wrenching.