Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love Puppies and Corner Kicks - Bob Krech

Love Puppies and Corner Kicks by Bob Krech
Andrea's family is moving to Scotland for the year after her father signs on for a teacher exchange program. Andrea must say goodbye to her two bestfriends and her star spot on the soccer team. In Scotland, Andrea must navigate a new country, school and make new friends.

I really enjoyed this one and laughed out loud a lot. One part was so funny, if I was drinking something I would've choked. I loved Andrea's voice, her anixety about being in a new place seemed very much real. The new enviroment causes Andrea's stuttering to act up. Andrea uses every trick to not stutter in front of her classmates. Thanks to soccer skills and a little help from a teacher Andrea's makes friends with two of the popular girls. Andrea's new friends force her to pick them or the boy she thinks is cute.

I thought Krech did a great job with the various storylines, and they tied into each other very well. Andrea plays a few games with her new team. The author does an excellent job with the action on the field. Krech gets across Andrea's nervousness as easily as her love of soccer.

Love Puppies and Corner Kicks is a great middle great Sports&Boys clicklit read. If this sounds good, I also highly recommend Soccer Chicks Rule by Dawn Fitzgerald

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