Monday, May 9, 2011

Are You Going to Kiss Me Now? - Sloane Tanen

Are You Going to Kiss Me Now? by Sloane Tanen
Francesca wins a Seventeen magazine essay contest. Her prize is a partial scholarship and a celebrity tour of Madagascar and other regions of East Africa through GLEA - Girls Literacy East Africa. Francesca will be traveling with five well known celebrities who need the good PR.

Chaz (a la Perez Hilton) who runs a very popular celebrity blog is going as well. When the plane crashes the seven people are stranded on an island somewhere near Madagascar.

Before the island Francesca's guilty pleasure is keeping up with celebrity gossip.

"When I was finished with the mags, I'd roll them up and stuff them in the bottom of the trash outside so nobody would find them. I was addicted and ashamed. I hated all those celebrities, and yet I envied how special they got to be. It wasn't fair. I mean, nobody cared that I let Andy Blank touch my boob last Saturday, so why did I care if Miley Cyrus got drunk at the CMAs or if Zac Efron wore eyeliner? But I did care. A lot?"

There are a few references to real celebrities but the story holds it's own with it's fake celebrities. Amongst the five stars there's drama and little help.

"Did I say you could go through my stuff?" Milan screeched as she snatched the bottle out of Eve's hand and pushed a mat of wet hair off her face. Milan looked seriously pissed. She reached for one of the sticks and attacked Eve, holding the twig under her chin like a knife. I kid you not."

Are You Going to Kiss Me Now? sounded like it would be a lot of fun and it was. I really enjoyed it and laughed out loud a lot. Ages 12up

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