Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday - A Little of Everything (Including Borders)

On Tuesday I posted an interview with Farhana Zia the author of Hot Hot Roti for Dada- ji . the book is illustrated by Ken Min. Initially I had planned to post the author and illustrator interviews together. I wanted it look like the interview I did with Renee Watson and Shadra Strickland for When A Place Like Hurricanes Happen. Looking back on Watson's and Strickland I realize its a bit long. So in the end I think separate is better and this time it is equal. Min's is coming soon. I love his answers.

Finished WildCat Fireflies by Amber Kizer the other day. It was very good. I love this series. I especially enjoy that Kizer's story is its own thing and not more of the same. I will review in the release month of July. The first book is Meridian (which is out in paperback) my review.

Before the Borders I worked at closed, I purchased a Kobo reader at a good price. (personal severance). Now I don't have to read egalleys on my laptop anymore. Downloading the books was very easy. I just have to figure out how to increase the font for a pdf file.

Working at a store that is closing is actually a lot of fun. Its the one time when the seller has the power. All the customer threats made me laugh.

" I am never shopping here again" - Me too
"I am going to shop at amazon from now on" - Again, me too
" I demand you take back my year old return."

No more laughing at bad customer jokes. No more watching people come in 7 days a week to use the free Wi Fi and not buy anything. No more pretending to care. There are a lot of great customers but some people should not be allowed to shop in stores. Will be talking more about my time at Borders later.


teacherninja said...

Keep up the retail rants. I could go on for pages about the crazy I've seen from people in bookstores. Wackos.

Doret said...

That they are. A bookstore would make for great reality TV said...

It's amazing what you can see in a bookstore or hear for that matter. I've heard alot of things from customers on cellphones, that I'm sure they wish people didn't know.