Saturday, May 14, 2011

Four is the new Three, That is not a Five

I've realized many people don't like to give books a rating of three. I don't get what's wrong with a three. (especially when it accompanies a written review) To me it can mean at least one of the following, a solid read, very likable, good with potential. Using any of those definitions I would definitely read the author again.

But four has become the new three. I don't get the point of rating books if everything is going to be a four or five, with an occasional three. Some people give fives away. Everything can't be a five, if that's the case the expectation bar must be raised.

I read a lot of the popular or buzzed about YA fiction which more times than not features an all Whitecast. If really like or love such a title will I mention or review it. If I didn't, I won't talk about it. There's a good chance the book gave me a bad case of readers potty mouth and I skimmed my way through it. So an evenhanded critique would be impossible.

Plus I simpy don't feel I need to give space to books with all whitecast that I thought were blah. There are enough blogs that focus on these titles. After I finish a blah read, I like to see what other people thought. When I see a lot of five ratings, all I can think is that is not a five. I do rate the blah reads on my goodreads page. A one or two rating says it all. No review required.


Charlotte said...

The whole star thing is why I'm not keen on Goodreads....I know when I LOVE a book, and I know when I don't, but I am not sure when to give three stars, or four.

Sash and Em said...

this is very true. i've contemplated stopping the whole rating system and just giving my opinion on the book. what i like and what i didn't like.

you've got a new follower :)

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Anne M Leone said...

Amen! There's been a lot of complaining around the internets on rating books... but an honest review (as you say, a single star says plenty!) is so useful.

Doret said...

Charlotte - I give out a lot of three and four ratings at goodreads.

Sasha - Thanks, your opinion is much more important then the rating.

Anne - When four and five ratings are given out so easily, they begin to not mean as much