Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bhangra Babes - Narinder Dhami

Bhangra Babes by Narinder Dhami
This is the final book in the Babes trilogy. Now that sister's Amber, Jazz and Geena have gotten used to their aunt, she's getting married. The family prepares for the wedding and the sisters make a bet, to catch the eye of Rocky, a new student. This time a few of Amber's ideas workout. Though she may have gone too far by agreeing to let Rocky play at the reception without telling auntie or hearing him play.

This one was just as fun as the first two. It's not easy finding fun well written tween chick lit. And its pretty much impossible to find such books with characters of color. There's really nothing left for me to say, except I wish more were coming out. I highly recommend reading in order. Bindi Babes is first.

All the talk about music and weddings in Bhangra Babes I decided to find link to something. I looked at a lot of clips and I finally found five dancers that owned the stage.

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