Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time to Donate

The last time I made a big donation of children's books was a few years back. At the time I was buying kids books like crazy from my bookstore and the five dollar bookstore, its actually not called that. I have no I idea what the name is but they have a good selection of African American children's books for five dollars. I had a roommate who was a teacher, we used to clean up. Was at the five dollar bookstore yesterday they had some nice titles including Linda Brown, You Are Not Alone by Joyce Carol Thomas and Autobiography of My Dead Brother by Walter Dean Myers. It was not easy but I resisted the urge to buy. Earlier that day I had just packed up 35 books to donate. Last time I took the books to the library. This time since I have some arc's as well, I will donate to a children's hospital. Today I was informed that the hospital library is hardcover only however they allow the parents to take home the paperbacks. As long as the books find readers I don't care what the hospital decides to do with them.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home or Road Game

While visiting N.Y., I went to a Mets game with my dad and nephew. Its been years since I've been to Shea Stadium but I wanted to go because its closing. I forget how nice it felt going to a home game. Riding the 7 train talking about the Mets what they did, didn't do, and how they blew that last game against Philly. I forgot that beautiful feeling of going to a home game. Standing and cheering as one, stomping and claping so hard your feet and hands are sore and giving the evil eye to those who wear the other jersey. I enjoyed watching my nephew get into the game, and say the Cardinals sucks. (its good to start them young) Home games are fun. Road games have there own reward. There is nothing like wearing another teams jersey especially if its a division rival. And yes you'll get the mf wtf are you doing in our stadium wearing that B.S look, but so what that's part of the fun. Another part is running into other fans. All you share with this stranger is a love of a team, but that's enough to warrant a nod because you both decided to show your team love in enemy territory. I am trying to decide what's better a home game or road game. Right now I am leaning toward road games probably because I've been to more. But there is something about cheering for the other team that I love. Its easy to cheer for the home team you own the stadium but there is something to be said for visiting fans who decide to claim the home field as theirs.

I'm Back

So I just got back from my trip home to New York. I had a good time. I took the the public transportation home from the airport. Only in NY(well maybe San Francisco) can two women make out on a crowded bus and no one bat an eye. Someone did say they should get a room when they got off and I did bat an I eye once when the girl gave the other one a number. (making out like that, I'd hope you'd already have her number). My sister dropped me off at the airport today. My flight sat on the runway for an hour. Traffic, my ass is still sore. I sat next to a nice couple who was visiting N.Y for their 50th anniversary. The wife and I talked about books. This trip was very good for me. My sister helped to realize I was in a emotional funk. I already knew it but she helped me face it, its too hard to B.S family. So now I will take steps to unfunk my life. I took the first step yesterday, cut my locks off again. The stylist asked me if I wanted to keep the hair. I said nah am cool, I already got a bag at home, not from the last time I cut my locks but the time before that. I am going to see about finishing up school. As much as I love working in a bookstore I need more. I also need to be paid what I am worth. I don't usually toot my own horn, but when it comes to kids books I am pretty badazz. I am smart enough to know that I don't know everything about kids books, and I will never know everything, but I am open to learning from anywhere and everyone. My 10 yr old nephew broke down Avatar and Ben 10 for me and introduced me to Total Drama Island. I get some sweet cool points from kids for knowing about that stuff. I always work hard, unfortunately its not in me to halfazz a job. Everyone appreciates what I do, but that appreciation does not show up in my paychecks. I deserve more. So I plan on finishing up school and getting more. I am not ready to go back to work, I've been gone so long its not the first thing I think about. I don't even want to think about what the kid section looks like. Oh if you want to hear the most fabulous (as in ghetto) movie message ever dial 718- 320-3020 and if can beat that please give me the number

Monday, July 21, 2008

Where Are My Clothes/ YA at Target

I am leaving for my trip to N.Y tomorrow, the other day I realized I had no clothes. All I have are my work clothes which are pretty worn. Working at a bookstore so long I've lost the swagger in my wardrobe not like it was all that great before but still its at an all time low. I do have some nice going out pieces but honestly after working retail and riding public transportation the last thing I want to do is hang out with people. Though I am going to make an effort to add more everyday pieces to my wardrobe. Hopefully someday soon Target will no longer be my primary source for clothes. I have no idea how that happened. I just got really lazy. Don't feel like doing laundry, that's okay I'll pick up a shirt at target. Plus when I am off the mall is the last place I want to go. If Hanes is good enough for Michael Jordan and Marisa Tomei well then its good enough for me. I did get some cute jeans from Target, today. Also picked up some sunglasses. I normally don't wear sunglasses because I have no idea which ones look good on me. (oh how I envied Bono today)

Has anyone else noticed the YA titles Target carries

They have the bestselling series like Uglies, Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. Private, Gossip Girls, Great and Terrible Beauty etc, but what made me do a double take were a few of the other titles
Generation Dead
Deep Down Popular
Wicked Lovely
Audrey Wait
Steel Trapp
We are the Ship
A Thousand Never Evers
Wednesday Wars

I am off to finish cleaning, packing and do what I do to get ready for a trip. I'll be back at the beginning of the month. Holla.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation Time

Today is my first day of vacation. I'll be going home to N.Y. for about a week. I should be out shopping for clothes, a suitcase, cleaning my apartment or any number of things to prepare for my trip but I am doing what I do best procrastinating and writing this not very important entry. Though I do have my vacation books ready, I'll share the titles later. My last few days at work I spent cleaning up. I even organized sticker books and I hate fixing sticker books, but it was a hotmess. I knew if I didn't work on it, sticker books would be a triple hotmess when I got back. My co workers and regular customers will have to fend for themselves for a while. I really like my regular customers, its always nice when customers appreciate you and don't treat you like crap. Retail is a thankless job, that ask how much abuse can you take from every crazy, rude, or prick of a person before you scream. Then you have your regulars or maybe its a customer you'll never see again but they remind you that there are good customers out there. When I go on vacation I like to read mysteries and chick lit. My Vacation Books
Every Dead Thing by John Connolly. I read Connolly's newest release Reapers this year and really enjoyed it. So I decided to start at the beginning.Sex Murder and a Double Latte- by Kyra Davis-This author is so much fun, if you like Janet Evanovich you should check Davis. This is actually the first book in series but I am one of those readers who doesn't mind reading out of order as long as I can follow the story. I'll go back to the beginning later and fill in the blanks.The Fifth Floor by Micheal Harvey- I really enjoyed his first mystery the Chicago Way, if like Lehane, Lippman or Pelecanos you should check out Harvey.I am also taking one memoir the Glass Castle by Jennette Walls. Some of my coworkers keep telling me how good it is.

The Life and Crimes of Bernetta Wallflower Lisa Graff

The Life and Crimes of Bernetta Wallflower by Lisa Graff. Bernetta Wallflower is framed by her best friend for running a school wide cheating ring. The beginning of this book makes you sit up and take notice. Ashley Johansson, the girl who framed Bernetta is slipping out of class to blackmail someone. It's not often a girl is cheating/blackmailing and lying in books and though its not right its still kinda cool. Bernetta takes the fall for Ashley's action and is kicked out of Mount Olive. Bernetta's parents are having a hard time believing her because she cheated on a test. Bernetta is determined to go back to Mount Olive for 7th grade and must find a way to get $9,000 for the tuition. Bernetta is a regular girl who loves her family, is going to miss her big sister when she goes off to college and loves to do magic. She simply made two really bad decisions. Sometimes good people will make more bad decisions to fix prior mistakes. Bernetta does just that when she decides to team up with Clyde. Clyde is a boy she meant at her father's magic club who likes to run cons. He convinces Bernetta running cons will be a quick and easy way to raise her tuition money. Once I started reading I didn't want to stop. There are some really great moments, like when Bernetta goes to buy five lotto tickets. The clerk won't sell her the tickets so she tries to bribe him with two dollars. Life of crimes of Bernetta Wallflower gives the reader a lot to think about- decisions, choices, and what type of person do you really want to be. I really enjoyed Bernetta Wallflower.Lisa Graff's first novel The Thing About Georgie is up for the Georgia Book Award. All the Georgia Book Award nominated books are read for the Dekalb reading bowl. Check out the link below.

Monday, July 14, 2008

If you work retail long enough you'll run into a TMI customer. Such a customer has just walked into Books are Beautiful. Carlos will be helping her today and unfortunately for him what she wants is on the other side of the store.

Ms. TMI- Hi I need a beginners salsa book
Carlos- I'll take you to our dance books
Ms. TMI- Yes, please take me
Carlos- ignores her tone but quickens his steps
Ms. TMI -So where are you from?
Carlos- Texas (slows down some, Ms. TMI will not be rushed)
Ms. TMI- No I mean originally
Carlos- Says nothings, keeping is eyes on the prize the dance section, but at Ms. TMI's pace it seems so far
Ms. TMI- Well that's okay, if you say you're a Texan you're a Texan. My ex boyfriend's name was Carlos. I had my first Latin man a few years ago, and that's all I date now. I just love the strength of a Latin man in and out of the bedroom. Ha, ha, ha
Carlos - (senora loca)
Ms TMI- My new man is going to teach me to Salsa
Carlos- (hombre pobre, loco sexo no es bueno)
Ms. TMI- Can you salsa?
Carlos- No
Ms. TMI - You have the hips for it
Carlos- Well, here are the dance books. Have a good day
Ms TMI - Wait, don't run off so quickly. I have another question.
Carlos- Joder (fuck)
Ms. TMI- I am going to buy some music later. Can you suggest any good latin mood music? I really want to impress my new boyfriend
Carlos- (wtf, senora loca me dejo ir ) NO

Daylight Runner Oisin McGann

Daylight Runner by Oisin McGann. Thanks to an extreme Ice Age the old world has ended. Ash Harbor is born. It's formed inside a hollowed out mountain and located in what was South Pacific. The element is too harsh to survive outside of Ash Harbor.
16 yr old Solomon (Sol) father Gregor is missing. On the third day he receives a note and gun from his father and is picked up by the cops for questioning. Gregor is wanted for murder. Sol's father is a daylighter. There job is to clear the ice of the dome to allow in some natural sunlight.
Daylight Runner ask the question what is more important a lot of action or good dialogue? For me its the latter. Since it was reading like a good action film I was almost ready to give it a pass on the dialogue because all the best action films have a few cheesy lines. Then there were too many to ignore. I will share two examples

The following is a police officer talking to Ana Kiroa, Sol's teacher. Sol went undergound and the police are desperate to catch him

"There'll be a lot of people without lights tonight, water and electricity too. All because of a walkway collapse. The mayor is not happy and neither am I. Anybody who messes with my city, Ms. Kiroa will end up dealing with me. I'll find the cancers that did this and when I do I am going to enjoy the surgery."

The following is after an apartment fire that left many people homeless. Cleo one of Sol's classmates is talking with their teacher, Ms Kiroa.

"Somebody did this to us," Cleo rasped from smoked choked lungs. I want to find out who it was. And why they did it. "If somebody is responsible for this," she told her student, we need to find out who benefited. Somebody, somewhere is going to make money out of this. Lets find out who."

Now that I shared some of the dialogue its only fair that I share some of the action.
The following is Cleo being chased after seeing something she shouldn't have.

"There was a bar crossing between them. It was strong enough to hold her. With painstaking care she silently lifted herself onto the bar, getting her stomach up and over it. The man was getting closer."
The following is at the hospital, Sol and Cleo have just visited their teacher Ms. Kiroa

"Sol, turned in time to face a punch curling toward his head. With no time to block it he met the fist with his forehead, the pale man's knuckles cracking against it was a satisfying crunch."

Daylight Runner has more going for it besides the action. The author does a great job of explaining Ash Harbor, how it became to be and who has the power. There is also the mystery of what happened to Sol's father and what is becoming of Ash Harbor. The dialogue kept me from enjoying this as much as I could have but Daylight Runner would be great for someone looking for an action packed read with lots of close escapes.

Daylight Runner's U.S. release date is September 23

Friday, July 11, 2008

But is was Featured on

The phone rings at 4:55 pm at Books are Beautiful. Shawn gets off at five he answers the phone anyway, thinking what's one more call. He has had a very good day, his customers were nice, and he had good luck finding their books. Shawn should have left while he was ahead

Shawn- Hello, Books are Beautiful How can I help you this evening?

Customer- I want the new Oprah book

Shawn- If you tell me the name of the book I will be happy to look it up

Customer- It was just on Oprah 5 minutes ago

Shawn- Unfortunately ma'am we don't have a television at customer service. So

I will need a title or an author

Customer- I don't remember the name of the book but it was just on Oprah. It

shouldn't we hard for you to find out.

Shawn- Hold please. Shawn vents to Jennifer, who is doing her I dodged a bullet dance.

I should have let you get that call and took my ass home. I should know better then

to answer the phone after Oprah. Jennifer- Aren't you going to find out the title

Shawn- Eventually, but I am going to let her sit a little maybe that will

teach her to remember some information next time. I doing this for booksellers

everywhere. Jennifer- we appreciate it. Shawn- I suppose she waited long enough.

Shawn- Thank you for holding ma'am. It took me awhile but I finally found the title

Customer- Well I would like you to hold it for me

Shawn- We are sold out

Customer- How can you be sold out it was just on Oprah

Shawn (aww fu*k** sh** you're killin my good day high lady) A lot of people watch
Oprah ma'am and some even call during the commercial breaks

Customer- Then how come you didn't know the title?

Shawn- I didn't answer any of those calls

Customer- Well when can you get it for me

Shawn- None are available. We must wait for a reprint and that could take up to a

Customer- Well, I am not waiting a month , I will get it from amazon

Shawn- (yeah good luck with that)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dear Julia by Amy Bronwen Zemser. This story was so much fun, I loved it. It reads like Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree meets Another Kind of Cowboy . I laughed out loud many times.

Elaine Hamilton has always dreamed of becoming a chef. Julia Child is her hero and inspiration. At six Elaine told her mother this dream. Elaine's mother dismissed it telling Elaine to dream bigger. After that Elaine wrote her first letter to Julia Child.

dear Julia
"When I grow up I want to be a cook like you. Yesterday I made a sauce hollondaze from your
rec ressup cookbook but I couldn't find a wisp of steam like you said and I think the yolks got to hot. The sauce sepuraded and I was going to throw it out but dad said Elaine this is delishus.
He poured it on his brocki."

Elaine is a practical and shy (too shy to send Julia her letters) high school junior with an extensive vocabulary using sentences like "It's my preferred mode of transportation" Elaine feels most at home in the kitchen. She loves cooking for her parents and five brothers. Elaine life is ordinary until she meets Isadora Wilhelminetta Fischburger. Isadora changed her name to Lucida Sans, a computer font. Lucida Sans dreams of becoming famous for anything. She is always on the lookout for a talent. Lucida is a very smart girl but her weakness is Croton Harmon, a snake of a boy who uses Lucida's ability to improve the talent of others. Elaine's weakness is an omelet. She has mastered French cuisine but has failed to make a proper omelet.
Lucida gets Elaine to open up, take chances and say her dream out loud again. There is so much good about Dear Julia I don't even know what to write. So I will just find 2 more passages I loved and share

"Lucida took off the sock on her left foot. She was wearing a toe ring that had a tiny clock on it. It's almost seven thirty, she said tilting her head and looking at Elaine. Lets go wait for moms in the living room."
"I'm tired of duck,Elaynee, said Robyn, Me too, said Leslie. Lucida nodded. Life is hard in the entertainment world. We'll all have to get used to the sacrifices."
Bronwen Zemser writing is off beat, serious, quirky, funny and sprinkled with love all over. Future chefs, will love Dear Julia , its filled with cooking references, terminology and recipes. Or maybe you know a pre teen or teen who's parents just can't cook. Gift them with Dear Julia maybe they will be inspired to cook and save their palate. If you're familiar with the two titles I compared Dear Julia with you know that's a lot to live up to. Dear Julia does that and more, I loved it.

Dear Julia will be released in October 2008

Frozen Fire Tim Bowler

Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler The beginning of this novel is amazing. 16yr Dusty is at home alone when the phones rings. She thinks its her dad but its a boy threatening to commit suicide. When the boy wants to be called Josh, she can't hang up. Dusty older brother Josh has been missing for two years and she believes this mystery boy may have some answers. Dusty soon discovers the mystery boy has no name, can read minds, is snow pale in color and gives off a strong heat. Bowler does an excellent describing this strange boy.

"He glowed with an eerie luminosity and in spite of his snowy appearance, he radiated heat. She could feel the current of it even from here a subtle animal force that both roused an d repelled her. She tried to ignore it, tried to remain calm, tired to study him in a cool detached way. He had beauty and otherworldliness. He had hot primitive power. He was lethal."

I loved that passage there are a few others like it but the strength of these lines doesn't make up for what I felt was lacking. Bowler never explains where, who or what the boy is. Dusty begins to see a light that only a few can. This light is never explained. I loved the first six chapters and thanks to its higher quality, I had higher expectations . Though after the beginning I never got another sustained readers rush. If I come across another Tim Bowler novel I will read it because what I liked I loved, its just Frozen Fire left me wanting more.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Along Came Spider James Preller

Along Came Spider by James Preller. I was visiting the author's site, and he had linked to a great review of this book from the literate lives blog. I've added the link at the bottom.
Spider and Trey are best friends and have always been next door neighbors. Fifth grade has started. Trey is a little different, gets lost in his own world and doesn't like being around too many people.

"The way Trey Cooper saw it, most of the boys in school were like wolves and recess was when they roamed free. Those same boys who sat in orderly rows under the watchful eye of Mrs Wine, the boys who politely raised their hands and called out answers. They all changed when the doors flung open. Like Wolves.

Trey's personality doesn't bother Spider but the other boys do not understand. Spider is put in a difficult situation continue a lifelong friendship or end it to be one of the boys. In the end its a happy medium. Spider's decision seemed very realistic. Its asking a lot of anyone to forgo new friendships for one person and saying goodbye to lifelong friendship is not easy. While reading Along Came Spider I couldn't help but think of Andrew Clements. I love that Preller points out the hardest part of the day, recess and lunch for the kids who feel like outsiders. One really cool thing the fifth graders kept a journal for writers workshop. Spider decides to keep a graphic novel, and his teacher thinks is a good idea. Along Came Spider works because Preller doesn't try to do too much.
Along Came Spider will be released September 2008
After reading this review I wanted to read Along Came Spider, so thank you scholastic for the arc.
The cover shown is the old over. Scholastic decided to go with something else. I looked for the new cover but couldn't find it, but the truth is I didn't look that hard. I am a lazy seacher plus I like this cover much better.

Close Talker/Nose Breather

Three Books are Beautiful employees are in the back saying goodbye to Jason as close talker/nose breather approaches customer service. Tamika draws the short pencil and must go help ct/nb. He has been going to Books are Beautiful for over a year and has yet to make a purchase. Once an employee tried to uptalk the library but ct/nb prefers the atmosphere at Books are Beautiful. He goes about 6 days a week, only bothering the Books are Beautiful employees every third day. Tamika wipes down her arms with handsanitizer and puts on her game face before leaving the back

Ct/Nb- Hi, Do you remember me?
Tamika- Yes (its a lifeless yes)
Ct/Nb- I was wondering, because the last two times I was here I didn't see you.
Where were you?
Tamika- What can I do for you? (takes two steps back)
Ct/Nb - Oh well I was thinking about starting my own business. What do you think?
(takes two steps forward, the dance for space as begun)
Tamika- So you want the small business section? (tries the elbow maneuver)
Ct/Nb- Yea small business. Do you have any books on starting a gas station?
Have you seen the price of gas? I want to get in on some of that money
(leans over her elbow)
Tamika- I'll show you the small business section
Ct/Nb Perfect, Perfect
Tamika- Here you go. Tamika quickly makes a break for the backroom for the handsanitizer

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shooting the Moon Frances O'roark Dowell

Shooting the Moon by Frances O'roark Dowell. What is war? This question is answered for Jamie Dexter. She's almost fourteen loves her family and living the Army life. Her father is Colonel Dexter, he is in charge at Fort Hood, Texas. Jamie's 18yr old brother T.J enlist in the Army because he wants to do his part and fight in the Vietnam war. Jamie is excited by her brothers decision. She still sees war as game they used to play with plastic army men. Vietnam is a place where T.J will go for a while and come back a hero. Rather then send Jamie letters T.J sends her film. Shooting the Moon is beautiful for many reasons and the photographs are at the top of the list. Jamie learns how to develop the black and white film in the rec center darkroom. T.J. starts off slowly sending Jamie pictures of the barracks and other soldiers. Eventually he begins to send pictures of injured soldiers. With each film roll Jamie reconsiders what war is, you can almost feel her growing up. I love artistic expression I believe it allows a person to open up and be heard. Dowell allows the reader to be in on the developing process.

"I remembered what Sgt Byrd told me the first day we worked in the darkroom together, that he was a process guy. I knew what he meant now. Every part of the developing process was interesting to me. Whenever I made a discovery - a certain kind of paper worked better, or that I got better results if developing chemicals were a degree or two cooler- I was in a good mood for the rest of the day."

It nice to think someone will discover a hobby thanks to this book. After the second chapter its close to impossible to put Shooting the Moon down. Dowell's writing is beautiful with a purpose. I am very happy I didn't let Shooting the Moon pass me by.

A Bird Attacks

On my way to work today and was attacked by a bird, not once, not twice but three times. Was almost at the train station when I felt something hit the back of my head. I realized it was a bird so I am thinking okay its just flying a little low. I continue walking, I swear I don't take more then 6 steps and that MF bird is hitting me again this time so I know its not an accident. Now I thinking this bird is pissed its time for me to roll out so I quicken my pace and this MF hits me again. Each time the MF bird came from behind so its not like I could duck the attacks, or even be prepared for them. After the third hit I was pissed and scared but I seriously ready to throw down with this MF bird. It was early Sunday morning there were no people around only more birds. It didn't look like the other birds were paying attention to us but I figured they would if I tired to hit that MF bird with my umbrella. After the third hit the MF bird flew up to a pole, making a bunch of noise just waiting. I waited as well, walking away just got me hit two more times so I knew running was out of the picture. I waited for about ten seconds before I started walking again. I won't be walking that way again anytime soon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just One More Thing

Another Unfortunate Skit

A customer approaches an Books are Beautiful employee, supposedly for one item

Customer- Hi, Do you have Book lovers are Cat lovers?
Employee- Yes we do, let me go grab that for you I'll be right back
Customer- Oh that's so helpful, Thank you.
Employee- Here you go, Can I help you with anything thing else today?
Customer- I just thought of one more thing. Do you carry magazines?
Employee- Yes
Customer- This is probably a long shot, I've already tried three other stores.
Do you by chance have Knitters World?
Employee- Yes, I'll bring it right over. Here you go.
Customer- Today is my lucky day
Employee- It was my pleasure. Have a good day.
Customer- Wait I just thought of one more thing. Its the last thing I promise
You'll probably tired of me aren't you?
Employee (thinks of a lot of inappropriate yet appropriate things to say)
Oh its no problem that's why I'm here.
Customer Aren't you sweet. I need the new Johnson Cate's mystery
Employee I'll be right back. Here you go.
Customer You've been so helpful today young man. What is your name?
Employee Terry
Customer Well, Terry from now on every time I come here I will ask for you
Employee Unfortunately today is my last day.
Customer Oh, I am sorry to hear that. You were so helpful. How long have you
been with Books are Beautiful?
Employee 10 years
Customer That's a long time. If you don't mind me asking, when did you decide
to make a career change?
Employee (looks at the wall clock behind the customer) 15 minutes ago.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

House of Dance Beth Kephart

House of Dance by Beth Kephart. The two books I had planned to read couldn't hold my interest. I was searching through a pile of books I had on the floor yesterday but nothing held my interest. I desperately searched that same pile today and discover a gem, House of Dance. 15 yr old Rosie Keith lives with her mother. Ever since Rosie's father left the two have been unconnected. Rosie had no set plans for the summer, but suddenly she is needed to help are dying grandfather. Rosie takes the job seriously sorting though her grandfather's many belongings with love. In between the sorting she learns her grandfather's story. He introduces Rosie to a few long lost friends including Ella Fitzgerald and Sammy Davis Jr. Rosie begins taking dance lessons at the House of Dance. She is determined to give her grandfather a party filled with dance, love, memories and color. House of Dance is simply beautiful. Kephart's telling is straight forward, and though you know there is a death coming the sadness is diminished thanks to all the color and joy of dance, music and life

"Annie Pearl in the end brought down the house with any flower that blooms in ruby red, because ruby red is the color of July , which is the color of passion, which is the color of life being lived"

America's Got Talent (way off topic)

Am I the only one who finds it funny/ironic that NBC's America's Got Talent show has two British Judges.

The Book is Blue

Another Unfortunate skit

Jason and Tamika, two Books are Beautiful employees are standing at customer service. Tamika senses a customer approaching and she quickly sizes them up. Her years of customer service tell her this will not be easy. Tamika quickly grabs some books to reshelve leaving Jason to fend for himself

Jason- Hi, How can I help you today?
Customer- I would like to buy a book I saw on that table a few weeks ago
Jason- Sure no problem, what's the title?
Customer- I don't know but it was on that table a few weeks ago
Jason- (remembers to breath and not roll eyes) What's the book about?
Customer- I don't remember, I saw someone reading on the train yesterday and it reminded me of the great book I saw few weeks ago at your wonderful establishment
Jason- (ponders over wonderful establishment) Do you remember any words in the title?
Customer- I think there was a number in the title but I know for sure it was blue and about this big
Jason- Unfortunately our computers do not allow us to search by color and size
Customer- Well I know its here somewhere
Jason (Says nothing)
Customer- It was on that table a few weeks ago
Jason- I understand that Sir but unfortunately I don't have enough information
to locate that book for you. Perhaps I can interest you in something
Customer- No that's okay I am not much of a reader. There was just something about
that book. But thanks so much for your time I really appreciate it

A Not So Happy Returner

Another Unfortunate Skit

Customer removes two books from a ratty supermarket bag and slams them on the counter. Customer interrupts the Books are Beautiful employee

Employee- Hi ho
Customer- I want to return these
Employee- Do you have your receipt
Customer- No but I paid cash
Employee- Takes a closer look at the returns. Unfortunately these books are damaged we can not take them back
Customer- But I just got them last week and I paid cash. All I want is my cash back
Employee- (picks up one on the returns) Sir, this book cover is bent halfway back
Customer- (snatches the book back, begins smoothing down the cover) Just place it under a heavier book for an hour or so, and it'll be perfectly fine
Employee- (doesn't respond to that little piece of advice, simply moves on to the other book) Sir, I don't know whats wrong with this one but we didn't sell it in this condition
Customer- It got a little wet. Its fine, the pages are still readable see. Just place it near a window to get some sun and it will be as good as new
Employee- Unfortunately we can't take back damaged items
Customer- You keep on telling me what you can't do. That is not good customer service
Employee- Would you like me to call a manager
Customer - No I won't let you waste anymore of my time. Just let your manager know I was planning to spend 100 dollars cash today, but I will never shop in this anti the customer store again. I will tell my friends to do the same
Employee- Doesn't respond to the tirade. Simply holds his retail poker face like a professional
Customer - Storms off without the books or the ratty plastic bag
Employee- (returns to smiling mode calls next customer) Hi, How are you doing today? Thanks for choosing Books are Beautiful

Concealed Weapons on Marta So starting tomorrow it will be legal for licensed gun holders to carry concealed weapons on public transportation. This scares the sh*t out of me. I am not worried about the regular riders, but rather the tourist who are visiting Atlanta from small towns and have heard horror stories about the big city and public transportation. I am worried they will carry their guns and see a threat when there is none. It nice that they passed this bill right before a major holiday.