Monday, July 14, 2008

If you work retail long enough you'll run into a TMI customer. Such a customer has just walked into Books are Beautiful. Carlos will be helping her today and unfortunately for him what she wants is on the other side of the store.

Ms. TMI- Hi I need a beginners salsa book
Carlos- I'll take you to our dance books
Ms. TMI- Yes, please take me
Carlos- ignores her tone but quickens his steps
Ms. TMI -So where are you from?
Carlos- Texas (slows down some, Ms. TMI will not be rushed)
Ms. TMI- No I mean originally
Carlos- Says nothings, keeping is eyes on the prize the dance section, but at Ms. TMI's pace it seems so far
Ms. TMI- Well that's okay, if you say you're a Texan you're a Texan. My ex boyfriend's name was Carlos. I had my first Latin man a few years ago, and that's all I date now. I just love the strength of a Latin man in and out of the bedroom. Ha, ha, ha
Carlos - (senora loca)
Ms TMI- My new man is going to teach me to Salsa
Carlos- (hombre pobre, loco sexo no es bueno)
Ms. TMI- Can you salsa?
Carlos- No
Ms. TMI - You have the hips for it
Carlos- Well, here are the dance books. Have a good day
Ms TMI - Wait, don't run off so quickly. I have another question.
Carlos- Joder (fuck)
Ms. TMI- I am going to buy some music later. Can you suggest any good latin mood music? I really want to impress my new boyfriend
Carlos- (wtf, senora loca me dejo ir ) NO

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