Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Book is Blue

Another Unfortunate skit

Jason and Tamika, two Books are Beautiful employees are standing at customer service. Tamika senses a customer approaching and she quickly sizes them up. Her years of customer service tell her this will not be easy. Tamika quickly grabs some books to reshelve leaving Jason to fend for himself

Jason- Hi, How can I help you today?
Customer- I would like to buy a book I saw on that table a few weeks ago
Jason- Sure no problem, what's the title?
Customer- I don't know but it was on that table a few weeks ago
Jason- (remembers to breath and not roll eyes) What's the book about?
Customer- I don't remember, I saw someone reading on the train yesterday and it reminded me of the great book I saw few weeks ago at your wonderful establishment
Jason- (ponders over wonderful establishment) Do you remember any words in the title?
Customer- I think there was a number in the title but I know for sure it was blue and about this big
Jason- Unfortunately our computers do not allow us to search by color and size
Customer- Well I know its here somewhere
Jason (Says nothing)
Customer- It was on that table a few weeks ago
Jason- I understand that Sir but unfortunately I don't have enough information
to locate that book for you. Perhaps I can interest you in something
Customer- No that's okay I am not much of a reader. There was just something about
that book. But thanks so much for your time I really appreciate it

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