Monday, July 7, 2008

Along Came Spider James Preller

Along Came Spider by James Preller. I was visiting the author's site, and he had linked to a great review of this book from the literate lives blog. I've added the link at the bottom.
Spider and Trey are best friends and have always been next door neighbors. Fifth grade has started. Trey is a little different, gets lost in his own world and doesn't like being around too many people.

"The way Trey Cooper saw it, most of the boys in school were like wolves and recess was when they roamed free. Those same boys who sat in orderly rows under the watchful eye of Mrs Wine, the boys who politely raised their hands and called out answers. They all changed when the doors flung open. Like Wolves.

Trey's personality doesn't bother Spider but the other boys do not understand. Spider is put in a difficult situation continue a lifelong friendship or end it to be one of the boys. In the end its a happy medium. Spider's decision seemed very realistic. Its asking a lot of anyone to forgo new friendships for one person and saying goodbye to lifelong friendship is not easy. While reading Along Came Spider I couldn't help but think of Andrew Clements. I love that Preller points out the hardest part of the day, recess and lunch for the kids who feel like outsiders. One really cool thing the fifth graders kept a journal for writers workshop. Spider decides to keep a graphic novel, and his teacher thinks is a good idea. Along Came Spider works because Preller doesn't try to do too much.
Along Came Spider will be released September 2008
After reading this review I wanted to read Along Came Spider, so thank you scholastic for the arc.
The cover shown is the old over. Scholastic decided to go with something else. I looked for the new cover but couldn't find it, but the truth is I didn't look that hard. I am a lazy seacher plus I like this cover much better.

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