Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation Time

Today is my first day of vacation. I'll be going home to N.Y. for about a week. I should be out shopping for clothes, a suitcase, cleaning my apartment or any number of things to prepare for my trip but I am doing what I do best procrastinating and writing this not very important entry. Though I do have my vacation books ready, I'll share the titles later. My last few days at work I spent cleaning up. I even organized sticker books and I hate fixing sticker books, but it was a hotmess. I knew if I didn't work on it, sticker books would be a triple hotmess when I got back. My co workers and regular customers will have to fend for themselves for a while. I really like my regular customers, its always nice when customers appreciate you and don't treat you like crap. Retail is a thankless job, that ask how much abuse can you take from every crazy, rude, or prick of a person before you scream. Then you have your regulars or maybe its a customer you'll never see again but they remind you that there are good customers out there. When I go on vacation I like to read mysteries and chick lit. My Vacation Books
Every Dead Thing by John Connolly. I read Connolly's newest release Reapers this year and really enjoyed it. So I decided to start at the beginning.Sex Murder and a Double Latte- by Kyra Davis-This author is so much fun, if you like Janet Evanovich you should check Davis. This is actually the first book in series but I am one of those readers who doesn't mind reading out of order as long as I can follow the story. I'll go back to the beginning later and fill in the blanks.The Fifth Floor by Micheal Harvey- I really enjoyed his first mystery the Chicago Way, if like Lehane, Lippman or Pelecanos you should check out Harvey.I am also taking one memoir the Glass Castle by Jennette Walls. Some of my coworkers keep telling me how good it is.

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Toni Campbell said...

You know that no one is going back in the children's department until you come back! A customer came in today and praised you because we had a summer reading title that no one else had. If you bought that Kyra Davis book, I want to read it when you are done.