Monday, July 7, 2008

Close Talker/Nose Breather

Three Books are Beautiful employees are in the back saying goodbye to Jason as close talker/nose breather approaches customer service. Tamika draws the short pencil and must go help ct/nb. He has been going to Books are Beautiful for over a year and has yet to make a purchase. Once an employee tried to uptalk the library but ct/nb prefers the atmosphere at Books are Beautiful. He goes about 6 days a week, only bothering the Books are Beautiful employees every third day. Tamika wipes down her arms with handsanitizer and puts on her game face before leaving the back

Ct/Nb- Hi, Do you remember me?
Tamika- Yes (its a lifeless yes)
Ct/Nb- I was wondering, because the last two times I was here I didn't see you.
Where were you?
Tamika- What can I do for you? (takes two steps back)
Ct/Nb - Oh well I was thinking about starting my own business. What do you think?
(takes two steps forward, the dance for space as begun)
Tamika- So you want the small business section? (tries the elbow maneuver)
Ct/Nb- Yea small business. Do you have any books on starting a gas station?
Have you seen the price of gas? I want to get in on some of that money
(leans over her elbow)
Tamika- I'll show you the small business section
Ct/Nb Perfect, Perfect
Tamika- Here you go. Tamika quickly makes a break for the backroom for the handsanitizer

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