Friday, July 11, 2008

But is was Featured on

The phone rings at 4:55 pm at Books are Beautiful. Shawn gets off at five he answers the phone anyway, thinking what's one more call. He has had a very good day, his customers were nice, and he had good luck finding their books. Shawn should have left while he was ahead

Shawn- Hello, Books are Beautiful How can I help you this evening?

Customer- I want the new Oprah book

Shawn- If you tell me the name of the book I will be happy to look it up

Customer- It was just on Oprah 5 minutes ago

Shawn- Unfortunately ma'am we don't have a television at customer service. So

I will need a title or an author

Customer- I don't remember the name of the book but it was just on Oprah. It

shouldn't we hard for you to find out.

Shawn- Hold please. Shawn vents to Jennifer, who is doing her I dodged a bullet dance.

I should have let you get that call and took my ass home. I should know better then

to answer the phone after Oprah. Jennifer- Aren't you going to find out the title

Shawn- Eventually, but I am going to let her sit a little maybe that will

teach her to remember some information next time. I doing this for booksellers

everywhere. Jennifer- we appreciate it. Shawn- I suppose she waited long enough.

Shawn- Thank you for holding ma'am. It took me awhile but I finally found the title

Customer- Well I would like you to hold it for me

Shawn- We are sold out

Customer- How can you be sold out it was just on Oprah

Shawn (aww fu*k** sh** you're killin my good day high lady) A lot of people watch
Oprah ma'am and some even call during the commercial breaks

Customer- Then how come you didn't know the title?

Shawn- I didn't answer any of those calls

Customer- Well when can you get it for me

Shawn- None are available. We must wait for a reprint and that could take up to a

Customer- Well, I am not waiting a month , I will get it from amazon

Shawn- (yeah good luck with that)

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Sarah Rettger said...

"For booksellers everywhere" - love it! I'll think of you if I get any questions like this tonight.