Saturday, August 30, 2008

Online vs InStore Prices and other retail rants

It's 2008, people have been shopping online for awhile now. So can someone please tell me why, we still get this question- Why is this book 10 dollars less on amazon? MF really. And you try to be nice when you tell them ( overhead, salary etc) but they just look at you like you have two heads. MF I ain't got two heads you just slow as shit. (and you've never taken economics) Plus as Americans we like things now. I for one am all for instant gratification. So please tell me why a person would wait two days to get a book from Amazon if they could drive to a bookstore and get that some book for the same price. They wouldn't, but if said book is 10 dollars cheaper a person may be inclined to wait two days.

I hate when customers call and I can hear the television in the background. I don't want to hear Judge Mathis's verdict while I try to help you. WTF turn that shit off.

I hate the beginning of a new semester, students always come in looking for textbooks. We do not carry textbooks. Please tell me why they think a bookstore would carry 100 dollar textbooks. What sense does that make? Plue 3 months later half the students would try to return the textbooks. So absolutely none.

Please customers get off your cell phone, bluetooth or blackberry when checking out or asking for service its fu*k*n rude. I know I don't register on your rader but MF I am breathing.

To be continued

Friday, August 29, 2008

I Put a Spell on You Adam Selzer

I Put a Spell on You: From the Files of Chrissie Woodward, Spelling Bee Detective by Selzer, Adam This is the first novel I've read by Selzer Adam though I've heard a few things about his writing and lucky for me they are all true. I loved I Put a Spell on You.

In Preston they have the spelling bee and its a very big deal. There is no little league, high school football or cheerleading for the town to go crazy over. Chrissie Woodward is a seventh grader at Gordon Liddy Community School and a P.I. in training. There was a time when Chrissie would snitch on classmates to the principal. She stops though when she realizes how corrupt the system is. Chrissie decides to use her power of deduction to investigate the Spelling Bee. The novel opens with Chrisse sending a note to the board of directors telling them they stink. Its been a week and they have yet to fire anyone after the all school spelling bee. Chrisse takes it upon herself to make it an open and shut case. Interviewing all the seventh graders involved in the Spelling Bee scandal. The chapters alternate between each bee contestant and Chrisse. I Put a Spell on You is filled with a bunch of characters and I loved every one of them. Well maybe not Marianne, she seemed like type to remind the teacher to give homework on a Friday. This book was so much fun, I laughed out loud from beginning to end. There are several main characters, Selzer developments each character very well. Though all the parents don't make an appearance the ones that do are very interesting

Contestant Jennifer with her mom

First, I casually told my mother that I was thinking of not entering the spelling bee. Its was important that I told my mother she's not quite as nutty as my father. Not entering my mother asked, making just as nasty a face I hoped she would. Well of course you're going to enter. And you're going to win . Your only real competition is from that snot nosed little brat Marianne Cleaver. And we will take her down by any means necessary.

Contestant Mutual being dropped off by his parents (prior to this yr he was homeschooled)

Mother turned back to look at me, You be very careful in there Mutual. I know what goes on in places like this, and we do not want you to be hurt. They will surely try I know their tricks and manners. Now listen to the teacher but do not listen too carefully. Just sit there and think about spelling. And do not let anyone breathe on you or you might catch a virus

This book is filled with funny but there is also underlined seriousness- questioning your leaders and their authority when it no longer works.

Why Chrisse took on the spelling bee case

This wasn't about my quest to know everything about everyone anymore. It wasn't about upholding law and order in exchange for extra cookies and a permanent hall pass. It wasn't about stupid and pointless rules that didn't make sense and did more harm than good. This was about truth justice and democracy. Three things that did not exist at Gordon Liddy Community School. Not anymore

Selzer has written an interesting, thoughtful and funny novel. I absolutely loved I Put a Spell on You. I lost a few hours sleep finishing this novel yesterday but it was totally worth it.

A la Carte Tanita S Davis

A la Carte by Davis, Tanita S.- This started off as a pretty good novel and finished very very strong, turning my like into love. 17 yr old Elaine (Lainey) lives in the Bay Area with her mother who is co owner of La Salle Rouge restaurant. Lainey is pretty good in the kitchen as well and dreams of having her own vegetarian cooking show. A la Carte is about much more then a girl who wants to be a chef. Its also about a teenage girl who falls for the wrong guy. Lainey has known Sim since grade school. The two used to be very close friends when high school started Sim no longer had time for Lainey. As soon as the author introduced Sim I didn't like him because Lainey seemed like a nice girl who deserved a good guy. Not a guy who strings her along or only comes by when he needs something, making empty promises. But the author tricked me into thinking maybe Sim wasn't so bad after all, when hewent crying to Lainey about needing to runaway because his parents didn't understand him.

I just wanted to say goodbye. I'm not coming back. I finally figured it out, my parents are crazy and its them that's making my life such crap. I can't live like this so I'm not going to. It's not like they don't want me to go

As I read this chapter of Sim leaving I was thinking ohh he isn't that bad just misunderstood. Even when he asked to borrow 500 dollars from Lainey I was still blind. Though I hate to be tricked it makes it easier to see how Lainey could fall for a guy like Sim. Cooking comforts Lainey, throughout the novel she cooks various recipes. Lainey's cooking doesn't stop the flow of the novel, only slows the pace so Lainey can catch her breath again. Lainey's vegetarian recipes are included in the book. Lainey's mom was great, not allowing Lainey to stop living her life for a guy. It was a long slow process for Lainey to rethink her relationship with Sim and how much she is willing to take or do for a guy making this story very believeable.

Sim comes back

I've thought about you alot, Laine. Not enough to call though huh? I smile back, almost sad that I know it's so true. Sim laughs shortly. Man, Laine you're brutal. Okay so I screwed up. His finger traces my lower lip. I'll make it up to you. Come see me this summer? Now he asks when all I have ever wanted was for him to want me with him, to need be to be around , to take notice of what I do . Now it's not what I want anymore. I'm not a girl who's meant to be a side dish. I won't stand around and wait for some boy while he chooses me. I can choose me too.

I am pretty sure my like turned into love right around here. I highly recommend A la Carte. If you know a girl who is stuck on the wrong guy, or maybe you want them to avoid the wrong guy give them this book. If you know a girl who likes to cook, is a vegetarian or enjoys cooking shows give them this book. A la Carte is appropriate for preteens.

Play Me Laura Ruby

Play Me by Laura Ruby I wasn't expecting what I got but I really enjoyed it. By the look of the cover (more on the cover later) I thought it was girl only type read but I was completely wrong. 17 yr old Eddie likes to date alot and the only thing he likes more is filmmaking. He is a member of the Jumping FrenchMan film production with his friends Rory and Joe. The book opens with Jumping FrenchMan shooting a scene. I liked the beginning, sometimes I like to thrown into a novel, seeing everything though the narrators eyes. The scene gets interrupted when Gina the only female cast member (and star) goes off on Eddie. The two had recently slept together and Eddie was flirting with a groupie. I thought this was a great moment in the book. Ruby writes a great guy. The aftermath of Gina going off

"What is up with this? I just stand there, staring at her watching her cry and laugh at the same time, wishing I could maybe hug her or something but I know I can't touch her. Groupie pipes up "Maybe you should go chill Gina" Gina shoots her a glare that could kill. I except to see Groupie's guts fall out of her body then and there, a big steaming pile of intestines all over the garage floor. Gina's expression goes from murderous to amused in under three seconds. She does that thing, where girls look each other up and down. So Gina does the up and down thing to the groupie and smiles this schizo little smile. Then she looks back at me. "Someday some girl will rip your heart out and stomp on it. I hope I'm there to see it

Such a girl walks into Eddie's life, her name is Lucinda. Eddie works hard to impress Lucinda and somehow finds himself in a relationship. I liked Lucinda and wished we could have learned more about who she was and why. Play Me doesn't narrow its focus with this storyline. The Jumping Frenchman are trying to win an MTV contest and things aren't as cohesive as they once were. Eddie is coping with a mom who left to be a Hollywood star. He has a younger half brother Marty (Meatball) who is always playing dead. Ruby does an excellent job of making everything work.

As great as I thought Play Me was I don't think the cover fit the book. This would be a great book for girls and guys. I will have a hard time selling this cover to guys. Teenagers prefer to choose their own books, the best I can do is make recommendations. I doubt that they listen to half of what I say, its the cover helps sway them either way.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

MS Antivirus 2009 A Warning So the other day I am on the computer, not paying attention to a antivirus pop up, I click yes without thinking just to get it off my screen and its anything but an antivirus. I knew something was wrong when it kept telling me how infected my computer was, I am the only person that uses this computer and I don't visit strange site or open unknown email. The antivirus 2009 trying to scare me into buying the software and I hate to be threatened even by a software program. I spent my whole off day trying to get it off my computer. You can't just go to the hard drive and delete it. If I was rich I would have just threw this laptop against the well and got another one. I ended up doing a system restore (Laptops for dummies walks you through it) unfortunately that was after I purchased a spyware that didn't remove the antivirus 2009 But its gone so I am cool with losing 30 dollars and 8 hrs because I know it could've been a lot worse. Called Dell support they wanted to charge me 150 bucks to get it off. The dell guy was nice enough but I was very close to hanging up on him. Dude I know the shi* not free just tell me the price and skip the spill but I know he is only doing his job and its not dell guys fault I was stupid enough to put this on my computer. Luckily I never click yes to download. But now my computer feels unclean. Thank you Lap Tap for Dummies and BAM BAM for your assistance. I am off to go change some of my passwords, and I will be replacing the credit card I used to buy the legit spyware since the fake spyware was on my computer at the time

When I did a Trend Mirco PC Check it found this Cryp_fakeAV - Those MF not only are they bastards but they think they are cute.

On a happier note I plan to do a review binge very soon.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pemba's Song Tonya Hegamin Marilyn Nelson

Pemba's Song: A Ghost Story by Hegamin, Tonya , Nelson, Marilyn Pemba's Song is a slim book (107 pages) and beautifully done. The size of the book doesn't allow for excess which is a plus for me. I enjoy staccato style , where author must hit each word right and hard. The book opens with 14 yr old Pemba writing in her journal. Pemba and her mother moving from Brookyln, NY to Colchester, CT. Pemba is not happy about the move, but luckliy she has her journal to comfort her. The first person they befriend in Colchester is Abraham, an older gentleman who researches the towns slave history. In the house they move into Phyllys, a dead girl reaches out to Pemba. Pemba and her mother are the first black people to live in the house. Phyllys lived and died as a slave there, and waited a long time to tell her story. To avoid the house Pemba starts helping Abraham at the library. Pemba is lukewarm about it but soon begins looking forward to the library trips. I really enjoyed this aspect of the story, as Pemba learns facts about slavery the reader does as well.

Pemba's Song was very well written but it was Pemba's journal entries and Phyllys's letters that I loved. The journal entries are beyond perfect.

I thought about not sharing because this book is slim. I would hate to ruin the surprise but I can't resist.

An excerpt from Pemba's journal

Chaos used to be just a vocabulary word

but now its how I'm livin a condition

of total disorder or confusion a vast abyss

Now how do I get out?

Wishin my daddy was here won't help

Not even the name he gave me keeps me sane

Many girls will be able to relate to Pemba, she is just an around the way girl who -likes to dance with her friends, misses her dad, not speaking with her mom and can communicate with ghost. I highly recommend Pemba's Song especially to reluctant readers.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fair and Balanced

This presidential election is a very important, so of course there are a lot of books coming out. I recently put up a presidents display in the children's section, I only used two of the Barack Obama books even though we had four at the time. (We got another one today) No one seems to be writing John McCain children's books. The Obama story is more interesting and he has an outgoing personality that makes you want to learn more about him. However, I am still hoping one McCain book will come in. (excluding the one by his daughter) It's the minority in me that needs a fair and balanced table. Its such a bad feeling to have to search for books that represent you in some way, whether it be race, gender, politics etc, while others find theirs easily on a table. Plus I know I am going to have customers asking where are the McCain books? I really don't feel like dealing with that. I already know whoever asks is going to give me some serious attitude because they are not used to not being represented. Black folks have been underrepresented for years so black republicans should be fine. And to everyone else welcome to my world and if you want to bitch about no McCain books take that up with the publishers. Though we do have fair and balanced paper dolls Obama Paper Dolls McCain Paper Dolls

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ruby Gloom Rebecca McCarthy

Midnight Mystery #1 (Ruby Gloom) by Rebecca McCarthy
Ruby Gloom is the happiest girl in the world and apparently everyone knew about but me Midnight Mystery is a first in a new Ruby Gloom early chapter series. I had to read it after I saw the cover. It looked they my type of book. Ruby Gloom is a happy girl but she is not too sugary sweet. I'll skip the character background you can use wikipedia for that. Ruby Gloom lives with her friends at Victorian Mansion in Gloomsville. One day they wake up and all the food in the kitchen is gone. Everyone is a suspect, and Skull Boy is determined to solve the case of the disappearing food. Skull Boy interviews everyone at Victorian Mansion. My favorite interview was Ruby Glooms.

Skull Boy turned out all the light but one - a white spotlight which he aimed directly at Ruby's face - and nodded. This is just how skull boy had seen it done in old movies. He took his place in front of her and pointed a finger at her nose. He shouted where were you the night the foodstuff disappeared. Ruby stuck a dramatic pose, grasping the chair with both hands. All right buster you drive a hard bargain. I admit that I went to the kitchen for a bun last night and it was delicious.

This book was a very fun read and I laughed out loud many times. Also the illustration where spot on. I think it would be great for struggling or reluctant readers. I have book three posted because I couldn't an image of book one.

Nation by Terry Pratchett Nation. Like any good bookstore we have a few Terry Pratchett fans. When this arc came in I planned to passed it on to one of them. Lucky for me they were all busy reading something else. I really had no plans to read it but the other day, I said what's one page. It was a really good page so I continued and every so often I would think damn I am reading Terry Pratchett and enjoying it. This may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people but I am very stubborn when it comes to trying books outside of my reading comfort zone.

Nation grabs the reader from the beginning. Mau, a boy from Nation, is on a small island to prove himself worthy of becoming a man. On his way back home, a huge wave hits, killing everyone. Mau was a lovable character from the start, making more difficult to watch as he buried his people. In order to face this task Mau becomes two people.

He felt himself become two people. One of them, a grey body made of mud, began to look for the bodies that the wave hadn't taken. It did it carefully and as gently as it could, while the other Mau stayed deep inside, curled in a ball, doing the dreaming. And who am I, doing this? thought grey Mau. Who am I now? I am become like Locaha measuring, the contours of death.

I had to stop myself from sharing that whole passage. Mau isn't alone, there was a shipwreck, thirteen year old Daphne was the only survivor. The two aren't alone for long. Other survivors of the wave soon find there way to Nation. After bury his people, Mau refuses to let Locaha (death) take anyone else.

Nation is a beautiful story about many things including new beginnings, faith, and conquering nations. Pratchett was definitely worth stepping out of my comfort zone.
Nation will be released Sept. 30

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone Stephanie Kuehnert

I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Stephanie Kuehnert. I finished this book the other day at a cafe. I had to turn my chair to face a window I was crying so much. This is Kuehnert's debut novel but you couldn't tell from the writing. It's a beautiful story, I loved it. It has many layers, I can't do it justice but I'll do my best. I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone tells the stories of Louisa and Emily Black, mother and daughter. When Emily was four months old her mother left. Emily grew up hearing her mother left to follow the music. As a girl this story was Emily's strength. The majority of chapters are Emily's, though Lousia is not neglected. The novel is set during the punk rock movement. Kuehnert follows her own timeline moving between the 80's and 90's without missing a beat. All the transition are smooth unexpected and well done.

Music is in Emily's blood, her father taught her to play guitar before she could walk. Emily grew up in the same small town has her parents, Carlisle, Wisconsin. With a small town comes small talk. The Black family are hot topic, especially Emily, as people wonder will she turn out like her mother. Emily's best friend Regan is the daughter of her mothers best friend. Regan is a hot topic as well. Emily and Regan are sisters minus the DNA. Tired of worshiping fake rock Gods the two form a band. "She Laughs" Their sound is original allowing them to call the shots. The success is a gradual filled with the usual rock band hardships.
One of the things that makes this book so good are the relationships. Kuehnert does a wonderful job of overlapping the stories of mother and daughter.
This book is about so many things including- music, family, love, home, friendship, forgiveness and demons.

Time to share, Emily's first encounter with a rock god,

I thought Sam would touch me with the raw power he used to play the guitar. I thought he would kiss me and leave bruises on my skin as black and blue as dangerous as his voice. And I thought he would be able to satify the burn between my legs that surged every time I heard a distorted guitar. I slept with him because we worshipped the same altars, because he oozed frenzied, furied rock energy, because I knew I could absorb it, make it mine. He thought I loved him for his inevitable future rock-god glory, but I had no interest in watching from backstage or vibing to the records he made, gleaming with gratitude that I was his muse. I thought that if we fused together, the world would screech like an amp so charged it caught. But it wasn't anywhere near that good.

I highly recommand I Wanna be Your Joey Ramone and look forward to reading more from this author.

Friday, August 15, 2008

This Book Isn't Fat, It's Fabulous Nina Beck

This Book Isn't Fat, It's Fabulous by Beck, Nina Riley Swain is a well to do teenager, who lives in N.Y. with her father and soon to be step-mother. Riley's father is making her attend the summer program at New Horizons. According to the brochure New Horizons, specializes in the education and life maintenance for young ladies with body image issues or eating disorders. Riley calls it a fat camp for short. She doesn't tell her friends she's going to fat camp including Michael D Hammond, the best friend and crush. Riley doesn't fret over her weight, and has the same body issues as any teenager girl. At New Horizon Riley meets Eric, who is not her type but there's something about Eric, polished nails and all. Riley is boyfused now and far from home. Luckily Riley gets along well with her roommate, Samantha. This Book Isn't Fat, It's Fabulous is a good first novel. There are a lot of great moments and the in between times are good as well. Now I shall share,

Riley is going to the New Horizons cafeteria with Samantha
We walk across the campus( which takes no more than four minutes this is not a big campus-"campus" might be implying something too collegiate, big or impressive. Lets just call it a lawn (like a backyard lawn)

I won't set the next scene don't want to spoil it
Phase three on the other hand necessitates cunning and skilled negotiation. This is where I will shine. This is where my father would have cried, clasped me to his bosom, and muttered "My daughter, my darling daughter. I know thee, because you her a reflection of me"(Don't ask me where I get this shit I'm just that worldly)

A sequel seems possible, I am hoping this is so because there is a lot of growth potential with these characters. If you're looking for a fun page turning read, starring a rich NY girl who is not a mean girl check out This Books Isn't Fat, It's Fabulous.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On the Devil's Court Carl Deuker

On the Devil's Court by Carl Deuker Joe Faust is an average student with a genius father. Joe's basketball game is more then decent. He never thought it was enough to please his father. The Fausts move to Seattle for his fathers new job. Joe finds an old boarded up gym to practice inside. Its in this gym that Joe sells his soul to the devil for the perfect season, 24-0. Basketball fans will love this. Deuker knows how to describe a game His writing allows the reader to see the play on the court.
"They went into a four corners stall to milk the clock. We came out of our zone and pressed them. They tried a backdoor play, their center breaking behind john. The guy was wide open and for an instant I thought all our hard work was down the drain, but John somehow managed to get a fingertip on the ball and there was Reynolds to save it from going out of bounds. Doyle took off. Reynolds hit me at center court and I went crosscourt to Doyle with a perfect pass."
I have a thing for novels that include either the devil or hell. Its always interesting to see an authors interpretation. I was a little disappointed that a devil never made an appearance. When Joe sells his soul there are dark and unusual sounds that elude to evil forces. On the Devil's Court is not about encountering the devil but rather superstition.
Deuker does a great job of making the reader believe Joe Faust sold his soul. Overall I enjoyed One the Devil's Court. Joe Faust is a likable character. Deuker makes it a point to include Joe's family in the story. I loved the basketball games and the team dynamic. Just like with a Heart of a Champion, Deuker gives us a great game.

Freeze Frame Heidi Ayarbe

Freeze Frame by Heidi Ayarbe Kyle shoots his best friend Jason in the shed. Friends since childhood the two have been drifting apart. Jason's new friends call Kyle the shadow. Kyle can't remember the moment he pulled the trigger and he's afraid it wasn't an accident. Kyle is a movie buff, the only way he can cope with looking back on what happened is through the eyes of his favorite directors. He badly wants a retake or an edit but must settle for remembering. Freeze Frame is an intense read that moves at a perfect pace. Ayarbe does a wonderful job. It isn't until the end that we know what really happened. The reader can feel Kyles doubts and insecurities. I loved the character Ayarbe created in Mr. Cordoba, the high school libarian. She gives us glimpses into Mr. Cordoba's life and its easy to see why he cares. I loved the interaction between Kyle and Mr. Cordoba. I also loved Kyles voice, it was real and his actions understandable. I highly recommand Freeze Frame.
Kyle revists the shed
"The floor was filthy except for one really white spot. I kneeled down and touched where his blood had pooled. I tried to replay it all. But I still didn't know how it happened. How could something like that happen? It was just one second. Not even a second really. Then the burn, the powder, the ashes.
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down
What had I done?"

Release date October 7

Monday, August 11, 2008

Service Pause

A service pause is the customer service equivalent to a pregnant pause in a conversation

It occurs when a sales person has checked and double checked everywhere for the must have item including calling other stores (while the customer watches). The sales person then proceeds to tell the customer, unfortunately the must have item is not to be found. Now the way conversations work it is the customers turn to speak. But no, instead we get the service pause. Where the customer looks at sale person and waits. Maybe customers think if they wait long enough the answer will change and the item will magically appear or it will shoot out of our asses. I have no idea. All I know is that I told them all I know and I have nothing left to say. And I refuse to fill in the service pauses any longer. I still hate the awkward pause but I am like wtf ever I did my job, I ain't saying shit else. So while the customer is waiting for the sales person to change their answer. We are waiting for the customer to say thank you for trying. I'll check back in a few weeks. Whoever speaks first loses. And remember we have more to lose. If you speak first the customer will ask you to check one more place. How about the store out in Sandcity? If you're a sales person to do not speak first. Hold firm and remember you are in the right.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Point - America

America Ferrera seemed like a really nice person before this, and now I love her even more

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Boot Camp Todd Strasser

Boot Camp by Todd Strasser. 15 yr old Garrett is kidnapped , and taken to Boot Camp. His parents want him reprogrammed, and return a perfect son. It doesn't matter that Garrett's behavior doesn't warrant a trip to Lake Harmony, his parents are spending thousands of dollars in tuition. At Lake Harmony every teen is treated the same emotionally, physically and psychologically abused until they are broken. Garrett's abuse at Lake Harmony begins quickly. On Garrett's second day he is sent to T.I., and it won't be his only time.

"Welcome to TI- Temporary Isolation- where I am forced to lie facedown on the cold concrete floor for twenty-four hours a day except for a few minutes here and there to eat or use the bathroom. After a day your chin becomes sore, your neck muscles cramp, and your knees and ribs grow raw from pressing against the hard floor."

Pauly and Sarah, two long time Lake Harmony residents are ready to make a break for it. They want Garrett to go with them. Garrett still believes his parent will come get him or maybe the police but Pauly and Sarah know the truth. At first I didn't like the ending. After I had a day to marinate on the novel, the ending was more then right. It's not often I do a 360 on an ending but I was wrong and I am a big enough reader to admit that. Boot Camp is an intense read, once you start you won't be able to stop.

Boot Camp is a finalist for the Georgia Peach Book Award 2008-2009, for teen readers. Which also makes it a part of the Dekalb reading bowl. Check out the link below

Friday, August 8, 2008

Heck:Where the Bad Kids Go Dale E. Basye

Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go by Dale E. Basye. I saw this book right before I want on vacation and it was instant like. The cover is perfect. The cover art depicts the Fauster siblings just as Bayse intended. Milton is the younger brother who likes to stay out of trouble. Marlo is a kleptomaniac and proud of it. The story begins will Milton and Marlo running from mall security after Marlo stole an oar. In their escape attempt the two are killed by a marshmallow bear explosion and sent to Heck. "Heck is an otherworldly reform school." "Where the souls of the darned toil for all eternity or until they turn eighteen, whichever comes first." Milton's ethnic class is taught in room 1972 by Nixon. His gym teacher is Blackbeard.
If anyone belongs in Heck its Marlo. Milton however has a clean record except for right before the marshmallow bear accident, when his sister tricked him into stealing make up. Now the Fauster kids are trying to find a way out of Heck. This part of the story reminded me a lot of Hellbent by Anthony McGowan which I loved as well. Milton is determined to prove he doesn't belong in Heck. Bea "Elsa" Bubb the schools principal will not allow this. Bayse writing is perfectly fun and entertaining. I enjoy a good play on words but sometimes authors can over do it to the point of annoyance. Bayse play on words is spot on. I had a difficult time deciding what to share.
"Behind them a full bodied mall security guard lumbered in hot pursuit. Another chunky style defender of mall law soon joined him, slurping down a smoothie."
"Bea "Elsa" Bubb's office and its owner both exuded a distinctive odor, part mothballs, part rosewater, part distinctive, part sour milk, part menthol rub, with a sharp undercurrent somewhere between vomit and neglected cat box. "
Marlo and Milton are very likable characters. Though this novel is filled with funny, there are moments that will make a reader pause to think about life and for that reason I believe Heck would make an interesting book club selection for a boy/girl book group. I loved and highly recommend Heck.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Lump of Coal Lemony Snicket Brett Helquist

The Lump of Coal by Lemony Snicket and Brett Helquist I read this on the train and I felt a little strange reading a holiday book in 90 degree weather so I hid the cover. Silly I know but the heat has taken my senses. Growing up my family didn't really do holidays. So I don't get buying a book to read for a few weeks or a night. I prefer holiday books like My Penguin Osbert by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel that aren't dated, season only. The Lump of Coal is definitely my type of holiday book, I loved it. The text and illustration worked beautifully together. Lemony Snicket tells us the story of a lump of coal who dreams of becoming an artist. He wanders the streets in search of his miracle. Several times while reading I had to pause and appreciate Helquist illustrations. Even now while writing this I am referring back to the book and I am noticing a few details in the drawings that make me say damn all over again. Lemony Snicket and Helquist have given us a wonderful story that families can enjoy no matter the season.
The Lump of Coal will be released Sept. 30

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How I Display

At work today I changed out a lot of displays in the children's department. When working on the middle grade and young adult tables I always take a long time. I like to get the books just so based on color. I would never put three blue books right next to each other. I feel similar colors bleed into each other, and none of the books can stand out. Similar colors also clash, throwing off the look of the display. I have trouble finding different color books to work with though it's easier with the young adult titles. A lot of the covers for middle grade fiction are blue, black or red. I need more light covers to balance out the tables. The customer must have a reason to walk across the bookstore and stop at a display. I just don't think a table filled with similar colors will tempt a customer. I also have an only two books per author on a table rule. I don't think its fair to the other books or authors not to have this rule. One time I caught myself had three Scott Westerfeld books on a table. I like watching customers shop displays. I don't get up all on their shoulders but I will watch from a close distance, it helps me to know what works. I know I've done right by a display when customers 1. Stop 2. Browse, (reading the backs of a few titles with interest) 3. Are buying non bestselling titles.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fall Releases

Below is a list of upcoming releases that I am looking forward to. There is no order to this list.

Impossible by Nancy Werlin release date Sept. 18. After Rules of Survival, Werlin is a must read

Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman release date Sept. 30. While I wait for this to come out, I may finally read one of Gaiman's adult novel ( I know shame on me)

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson release date Oct. 21. I love Anderson and look forward to everything she writes

Vibes by Amy Kathleen Ryan release date Oct. 6. There is something about this cover I like. The headphones probably

Ignatius Macfarland: Frequenaut! Paul Feig release date Sept. 1. I am intrigued by this book, the main character shares his name with John Kennedy Toole's classic novel lead Ignatius J Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces which I loved. Ignatius is a lot to live up to and I what to see if Feig can bring it.

Dark Dude Oscar Hijuelos release date Sept 16- This looks interesting, and I like coming of age stories

Getting the Girl: A Guide to Private Investigation, Surveillance, and Cookery Susan Juby release date Sept 30 After Another Kind of Cowboy this book is a must

Hero-Type Barry Lyga release date Sept. 22. I like novels that question what is patritotic especially during times of war.

Kendra Coe Booth release date Oct. 1. I absolutely loved Tyrell, so this book is a must read

This Book Isn't Fat, It's Fabulous Nina Beck out now I am always on the look out for books by African American teen authors. I don't read them all I just like to know what's available. I saw this title a few months back and tried to get an arc no such luck. But the book is out now and I plan on reading it not soon but sooner then later.

Autumn Winifred Oliver Does Things Different by Kristin O'Donnell Tubb release date Oct. 14. Eminent Domain scares the hell out of me, and it will be interesting to see how a kid will cope with it.

Out of the Pocket Bill Konigsberg release date Sept 18. A football player is outed. If the novel is as perfect as the title, then its instant love

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book release date Oct 15 - This is an obvious choice. It made my list for my nephew. He loves this series and he also writes graphic novels. I take no credit for the illustrations ( that's his mom) but the writing is all me. So I look forward to giving him this book

Pemba's Song: A Ghost Story by Marilyn Nelson release date Sept. 1 A supernatural novel featuring a black girl. Its a must read for me

Sight by Adrienne Maria Vrettos release date Sept 9. I loved the interview the author did on the Lockstockings blog.

Steinbeck's Ghost by Lewis Buzbee release date Sept. 2. - I like books where the main character can see or talk to ghost

Ghost Medicine by Andrew Smith release date Sept. 2. This made my list because I liked the excerpt of The Feiwel and Friends site

Isabelle's Boyfriend by Caroline Hickey release date Sept. 2. This book could go many ways and I like that

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins release date Oct. 1. After all I heard I can't wait to read this.

Antsy Does Time by Neal Shusterman release date Sept. 28. The best sequels are the ones you don't know are coming out to the books you loved. And I absolutely loved the Schwa was Here.

The Order of Odd-Fish by James Kennedy- Out now. I saw it at work the other day. Stop working to take a peak. It looks interesting and odd.

Cycler by Lauren Mclaughlin release date Aug. 26 I am intrigued by this and I think the cover is perfect

I have a lot of great reading coming up. I'll probably start another kids kick in Sept.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Short Weather Update

Too damn Hot. Atlanta is blazin. I just got in from doing laundry. I am not going back out until the sun goes down. A guy at the laundromat was wearing a long black shirt, heavy cargo pants and timbs. Looking at him made me hot. Why in the hell would someone wear timbs in this heat. I am not saying he has to wear sandals but boots are a definite no no.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Store Closing

You know you've come across a good store closing sale when they're selling the fixtures. Yesterday I went to a Linen N Things, I have never scene such an organized going out of business sale. The employees are still working and keeping everything where it should be. The customers aren't being pricks and just putting things anywhere. Got a good deal on a 450 thread count sheets. I have been meaning to get new sheets for awhile. I kept on putting it off because I always had to buy something else like food. Now since I am trying to do me again, I said no more waiting until next week. Is it a sin to love your sheets? So of course after I put the sheets on, I had to clean up my room a bit. I can't have those lovely sheets surrounded by strewn about clothes. Since today was payday, I went back this morning got 2 more sets of sheets. Some towels, a cutlery set, and silverware. Now I can throw away some old towels (its the same deal with the sheets) I can also throw away my old knives those I've had since college they are very dull. I had to go to Linen N Things this morning because tonight I will be working the Breaking Dawn midnight release party. It will be my first day back from vacation. I meant to reread Twilight, finish New Moon, and maybe even read Eclipse but I never got around to it. Oh well guess I'll have to fake the funk. I've faked with less, since I've actually read Twilight I'll be cool.
I am not a big fun of midnight release parties. It throws the schedule off and the store is always left a hotmess.