Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How I Display

At work today I changed out a lot of displays in the children's department. When working on the middle grade and young adult tables I always take a long time. I like to get the books just so based on color. I would never put three blue books right next to each other. I feel similar colors bleed into each other, and none of the books can stand out. Similar colors also clash, throwing off the look of the display. I have trouble finding different color books to work with though it's easier with the young adult titles. A lot of the covers for middle grade fiction are blue, black or red. I need more light covers to balance out the tables. The customer must have a reason to walk across the bookstore and stop at a display. I just don't think a table filled with similar colors will tempt a customer. I also have an only two books per author on a table rule. I don't think its fair to the other books or authors not to have this rule. One time I caught myself had three Scott Westerfeld books on a table. I like watching customers shop displays. I don't get up all on their shoulders but I will watch from a close distance, it helps me to know what works. I know I've done right by a display when customers 1. Stop 2. Browse, (reading the backs of a few titles with interest) 3. Are buying non bestselling titles.

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Toni Campbell said...

...but your shelfari shelf on your blog has 3 blue books on it! :)