Monday, August 11, 2008

Service Pause

A service pause is the customer service equivalent to a pregnant pause in a conversation

It occurs when a sales person has checked and double checked everywhere for the must have item including calling other stores (while the customer watches). The sales person then proceeds to tell the customer, unfortunately the must have item is not to be found. Now the way conversations work it is the customers turn to speak. But no, instead we get the service pause. Where the customer looks at sale person and waits. Maybe customers think if they wait long enough the answer will change and the item will magically appear or it will shoot out of our asses. I have no idea. All I know is that I told them all I know and I have nothing left to say. And I refuse to fill in the service pauses any longer. I still hate the awkward pause but I am like wtf ever I did my job, I ain't saying shit else. So while the customer is waiting for the sales person to change their answer. We are waiting for the customer to say thank you for trying. I'll check back in a few weeks. Whoever speaks first loses. And remember we have more to lose. If you speak first the customer will ask you to check one more place. How about the store out in Sandcity? If you're a sales person to do not speak first. Hold firm and remember you are in the right.

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