Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fair and Balanced

This presidential election is a very important, so of course there are a lot of books coming out. I recently put up a presidents display in the children's section, I only used two of the Barack Obama books even though we had four at the time. (We got another one today) No one seems to be writing John McCain children's books. The Obama story is more interesting and he has an outgoing personality that makes you want to learn more about him. However, I am still hoping one McCain book will come in. (excluding the one by his daughter) It's the minority in me that needs a fair and balanced table. Its such a bad feeling to have to search for books that represent you in some way, whether it be race, gender, politics etc, while others find theirs easily on a table. Plus I know I am going to have customers asking where are the McCain books? I really don't feel like dealing with that. I already know whoever asks is going to give me some serious attitude because they are not used to not being represented. Black folks have been underrepresented for years so black republicans should be fine. And to everyone else welcome to my world and if you want to bitch about no McCain books take that up with the publishers. Though we do have fair and balanced paper dolls Obama Paper Dolls McCain Paper Dolls

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Bam-Bam said...

Really! I'm sorry but the Angry Chipmunk already has all the publicity his rich wife can afford. He doesn't need more.