Friday, August 1, 2008

Store Closing

You know you've come across a good store closing sale when they're selling the fixtures. Yesterday I went to a Linen N Things, I have never scene such an organized going out of business sale. The employees are still working and keeping everything where it should be. The customers aren't being pricks and just putting things anywhere. Got a good deal on a 450 thread count sheets. I have been meaning to get new sheets for awhile. I kept on putting it off because I always had to buy something else like food. Now since I am trying to do me again, I said no more waiting until next week. Is it a sin to love your sheets? So of course after I put the sheets on, I had to clean up my room a bit. I can't have those lovely sheets surrounded by strewn about clothes. Since today was payday, I went back this morning got 2 more sets of sheets. Some towels, a cutlery set, and silverware. Now I can throw away some old towels (its the same deal with the sheets) I can also throw away my old knives those I've had since college they are very dull. I had to go to Linen N Things this morning because tonight I will be working the Breaking Dawn midnight release party. It will be my first day back from vacation. I meant to reread Twilight, finish New Moon, and maybe even read Eclipse but I never got around to it. Oh well guess I'll have to fake the funk. I've faked with less, since I've actually read Twilight I'll be cool.
I am not a big fun of midnight release parties. It throws the schedule off and the store is always left a hotmess.

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