Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ruby Gloom Rebecca McCarthy

Midnight Mystery #1 (Ruby Gloom) by Rebecca McCarthy
Ruby Gloom is the happiest girl in the world and apparently everyone knew about but me http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_Gloom Midnight Mystery is a first in a new Ruby Gloom early chapter series. I had to read it after I saw the cover. It looked they my type of book. Ruby Gloom is a happy girl but she is not too sugary sweet. I'll skip the character background you can use wikipedia for that. Ruby Gloom lives with her friends at Victorian Mansion in Gloomsville. One day they wake up and all the food in the kitchen is gone. Everyone is a suspect, and Skull Boy is determined to solve the case of the disappearing food. Skull Boy interviews everyone at Victorian Mansion. My favorite interview was Ruby Glooms.

Skull Boy turned out all the light but one - a white spotlight which he aimed directly at Ruby's face - and nodded. This is just how skull boy had seen it done in old movies. He took his place in front of her and pointed a finger at her nose. He shouted where were you the night the foodstuff disappeared. Ruby stuck a dramatic pose, grasping the chair with both hands. All right buster you drive a hard bargain. I admit that I went to the kitchen for a bun last night and it was delicious.

This book was a very fun read and I laughed out loud many times. Also the illustration where spot on. I think it would be great for struggling or reluctant readers. I have book three posted because I couldn't an image of book one.

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