Thursday, August 28, 2008

MS Antivirus 2009 A Warning So the other day I am on the computer, not paying attention to a antivirus pop up, I click yes without thinking just to get it off my screen and its anything but an antivirus. I knew something was wrong when it kept telling me how infected my computer was, I am the only person that uses this computer and I don't visit strange site or open unknown email. The antivirus 2009 trying to scare me into buying the software and I hate to be threatened even by a software program. I spent my whole off day trying to get it off my computer. You can't just go to the hard drive and delete it. If I was rich I would have just threw this laptop against the well and got another one. I ended up doing a system restore (Laptops for dummies walks you through it) unfortunately that was after I purchased a spyware that didn't remove the antivirus 2009 But its gone so I am cool with losing 30 dollars and 8 hrs because I know it could've been a lot worse. Called Dell support they wanted to charge me 150 bucks to get it off. The dell guy was nice enough but I was very close to hanging up on him. Dude I know the shi* not free just tell me the price and skip the spill but I know he is only doing his job and its not dell guys fault I was stupid enough to put this on my computer. Luckily I never click yes to download. But now my computer feels unclean. Thank you Lap Tap for Dummies and BAM BAM for your assistance. I am off to go change some of my passwords, and I will be replacing the credit card I used to buy the legit spyware since the fake spyware was on my computer at the time

When I did a Trend Mirco PC Check it found this Cryp_fakeAV - Those MF not only are they bastards but they think they are cute.

On a happier note I plan to do a review binge very soon.


the story siren said...

my computer has been doing the same thing!!! and i just got it back from the computer docter!

Doret said...

Hey Story Siren I am very sorry to here that. Can you take it back to the computer doctor. In comment boxes to the link I attached some people talked about doing a system restore. Which is like going back in time before the problem started. And when my computer restarted the icon wasn't there and did a search and I couldn't find it and no more pop ups.

douchrti said...

Sorry to hear about your puter.
And I know how you feel about Dell support, Im stuck with Vista and Dell support is not high on my list anymore.
Good move changing your card number and passwords.
Most users dont think of that until its too late.