Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Not So Happy Returner

Another Unfortunate Skit

Customer removes two books from a ratty supermarket bag and slams them on the counter. Customer interrupts the Books are Beautiful employee

Employee- Hi ho
Customer- I want to return these
Employee- Do you have your receipt
Customer- No but I paid cash
Employee- Takes a closer look at the returns. Unfortunately these books are damaged we can not take them back
Customer- But I just got them last week and I paid cash. All I want is my cash back
Employee- (picks up one on the returns) Sir, this book cover is bent halfway back
Customer- (snatches the book back, begins smoothing down the cover) Just place it under a heavier book for an hour or so, and it'll be perfectly fine
Employee- (doesn't respond to that little piece of advice, simply moves on to the other book) Sir, I don't know whats wrong with this one but we didn't sell it in this condition
Customer- It got a little wet. Its fine, the pages are still readable see. Just place it near a window to get some sun and it will be as good as new
Employee- Unfortunately we can't take back damaged items
Customer- You keep on telling me what you can't do. That is not good customer service
Employee- Would you like me to call a manager
Customer - No I won't let you waste anymore of my time. Just let your manager know I was planning to spend 100 dollars cash today, but I will never shop in this anti the customer store again. I will tell my friends to do the same
Employee- Doesn't respond to the tirade. Simply holds his retail poker face like a professional
Customer - Storms off without the books or the ratty plastic bag
Employee- (returns to smiling mode calls next customer) Hi, How are you doing today? Thanks for choosing Books are Beautiful

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T. Budnik said...

Your skits make me miss the bookstore--the co-workers and making fun of customer parts.

Keep 'em coming!