Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Frozen Fire Tim Bowler

Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler The beginning of this novel is amazing. 16yr Dusty is at home alone when the phones rings. She thinks its her dad but its a boy threatening to commit suicide. When the boy wants to be called Josh, she can't hang up. Dusty older brother Josh has been missing for two years and she believes this mystery boy may have some answers. Dusty soon discovers the mystery boy has no name, can read minds, is snow pale in color and gives off a strong heat. Bowler does an excellent describing this strange boy.

"He glowed with an eerie luminosity and in spite of his snowy appearance, he radiated heat. She could feel the current of it even from here a subtle animal force that both roused an d repelled her. She tried to ignore it, tried to remain calm, tired to study him in a cool detached way. He had beauty and otherworldliness. He had hot primitive power. He was lethal."

I loved that passage there are a few others like it but the strength of these lines doesn't make up for what I felt was lacking. Bowler never explains where, who or what the boy is. Dusty begins to see a light that only a few can. This light is never explained. I loved the first six chapters and thanks to its higher quality, I had higher expectations . Though after the beginning I never got another sustained readers rush. If I come across another Tim Bowler novel I will read it because what I liked I loved, its just Frozen Fire left me wanting more.

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