Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home or Road Game

While visiting N.Y., I went to a Mets game with my dad and nephew. Its been years since I've been to Shea Stadium but I wanted to go because its closing. I forget how nice it felt going to a home game. Riding the 7 train talking about the Mets what they did, didn't do, and how they blew that last game against Philly. I forgot that beautiful feeling of going to a home game. Standing and cheering as one, stomping and claping so hard your feet and hands are sore and giving the evil eye to those who wear the other jersey. I enjoyed watching my nephew get into the game, and say the Cardinals sucks. (its good to start them young) Home games are fun. Road games have there own reward. There is nothing like wearing another teams jersey especially if its a division rival. And yes you'll get the mf wtf are you doing in our stadium wearing that B.S look, but so what that's part of the fun. Another part is running into other fans. All you share with this stranger is a love of a team, but that's enough to warrant a nod because you both decided to show your team love in enemy territory. I am trying to decide what's better a home game or road game. Right now I am leaning toward road games probably because I've been to more. But there is something about cheering for the other team that I love. Its easy to cheer for the home team you own the stadium but there is something to be said for visiting fans who decide to claim the home field as theirs.

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