Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just One More Thing

Another Unfortunate Skit

A customer approaches an Books are Beautiful employee, supposedly for one item

Customer- Hi, Do you have Book lovers are Cat lovers?
Employee- Yes we do, let me go grab that for you I'll be right back
Customer- Oh that's so helpful, Thank you.
Employee- Here you go, Can I help you with anything thing else today?
Customer- I just thought of one more thing. Do you carry magazines?
Employee- Yes
Customer- This is probably a long shot, I've already tried three other stores.
Do you by chance have Knitters World?
Employee- Yes, I'll bring it right over. Here you go.
Customer- Today is my lucky day
Employee- It was my pleasure. Have a good day.
Customer- Wait I just thought of one more thing. Its the last thing I promise
You'll probably tired of me aren't you?
Employee (thinks of a lot of inappropriate yet appropriate things to say)
Oh its no problem that's why I'm here.
Customer Aren't you sweet. I need the new Johnson Cate's mystery
Employee I'll be right back. Here you go.
Customer You've been so helpful today young man. What is your name?
Employee Terry
Customer Well, Terry from now on every time I come here I will ask for you
Employee Unfortunately today is my last day.
Customer Oh, I am sorry to hear that. You were so helpful. How long have you
been with Books are Beautiful?
Employee 10 years
Customer That's a long time. If you don't mind me asking, when did you decide
to make a career change?
Employee (looks at the wall clock behind the customer) 15 minutes ago.

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Unknown said...

When did that happen? You didn't tell me about it.