Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekends Are Fun Again

Not having to work weekends, I am actually able to have some fun. On Saturday, I went to the art festival in Decatur with friends and we ran into some more people and walked around for a bit. My lunch was just okay but the funnel cake was great. In the evening stopped by the annual Jazz festival in piedmont park to hear Regina Carter and went back on Sunday. Though the other acts couldn't compete with Carter.

So once again weekend are fun again. It also helped that I had a good week. On Thursday I went to a mandatory class for my unemployment benefits, and it was actually more informative then I thought it would be. Since I was having a good day and I was in my big girl shoes I decided to press my luck and head to campus. Still working a few things out but if all goes well, I will be taking the two classes I need to graduate from Clark Atlanta University this fall. I almost let this second chance (which I was very lucky to get) pass by again.

2 comments: said...

The video of photos was very relaxing. I could listen to the music while I sleep, it's soothing.

Charlotte said...

Good for you, Doret! I hope it goes well.