Tuesday, July 1, 2008

House of Dance Beth Kephart

House of Dance by Beth Kephart. The two books I had planned to read couldn't hold my interest. I was searching through a pile of books I had on the floor yesterday but nothing held my interest. I desperately searched that same pile today and discover a gem, House of Dance. 15 yr old Rosie Keith lives with her mother. Ever since Rosie's father left the two have been unconnected. Rosie had no set plans for the summer, but suddenly she is needed to help are dying grandfather. Rosie takes the job seriously sorting though her grandfather's many belongings with love. In between the sorting she learns her grandfather's story. He introduces Rosie to a few long lost friends including Ella Fitzgerald and Sammy Davis Jr. Rosie begins taking dance lessons at the House of Dance. She is determined to give her grandfather a party filled with dance, love, memories and color. House of Dance is simply beautiful. Kephart's telling is straight forward, and though you know there is a death coming the sadness is diminished thanks to all the color and joy of dance, music and life

"Annie Pearl in the end brought down the house with any flower that blooms in ruby red, because ruby red is the color of July , which is the color of passion, which is the color of life being lived"

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Beth Kephart said...

My goodness, thank you.

I discovered this today, and I am most appreciative.