Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome back to Books are Beautiful

Michelle and Kirk, two Books are Beautiful employees are standing near the help desk when a customer approaches to place an order. This seems easy enough and Michelle not willing to risk getting a harder request is quick to offer up her services. Kirk happily moves out of the way. Though the two have been working at Books are Beautiful for the some amount of time, Kirk's customer instincts are far better.

I Promise not to Call or Write, another unfortunate skit

Michelle- Sir, what book would you like to order today?
Customer- The Big History of Rock & Roll
Michelle- Okay, give me a moment. Have you ordered from us before?
Customer- No
Michelle- Well I just need some information.
Customer- Why?
Michelle (damn, I choose wrong) So we can contact you when your item comes in.
Customer- I don't like giving out my information. Can't you simply place the order and I'll come back to pick it up.
Michelle- Unfortunately, not sir. We need your information to place the order.
Customer- Fine ask your questions, I'll simply answer the ones I deem appropriate
Michelle- (this keeps getting better) First name
Customer- Sullivan
Michelle- Last Name
Customer- Sullivan isn't my first name
Michelle- Then what is your first name
Customer- None of your business.
Michelle- (are you kidding me with this,) Would you like me to put Sullivan in the first name box
Customer- Now you're catching on
Michelle- (I don't want to catch what you got) What would you like to put in the last name box
Customer- I've always liked Solo. It rolls off the tongue. Solo Solo Sullivan Solo Sullivan Solo
Michelle- Address
Customer- that you can't have, I won't even given you Sullivan Solo's
Michelle (oh bleeping bleep bleep bleep, damn) Sir we need some way to contact you, either address or phone number
Customer- Why?
Michelle- To remind you when the book comes in
Customer- I won't forget
Michelle- I can not place the order without contact information
Customer- I don't like giving out my information. That's how you get unsolicited calls and junk mail
Michelle- It's policy
Customer- Would you if you could
Michelle- (I should have let Kirk have you. Let him laugh it out now, the next one is his.) Yes
Customer- I believe you. I won't blame you for their intrusion. I'll give you a number
Michelle (random digits, a real number, or the number to the taco joint, Michelle will accept anything) What is it.
Customer- (202) 555-9865
Michelle- (three 5, where are the cameras?) I have everything I need. That number will be called when the book arrives.

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Apryl DeLancey said...

Ha! I've seen people like this in the bookstore and other places! I often wonder if they think the whole world is clamoring to get their personal information in particular because they are somehow so very important!