Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sight Adrienne Maria Vrettos

Sight - Adrienne Maria Vrettos 15 yr old Dylan lives in a small town. She has been friends with the same group of kids since kindergarten. They will forever be linked to a kindergarten tragedy, the aduction and murder of their classmate Clarence. Dylan's gift of sight enables her to see the last moments of a child's life. Dylan's first vision was of Clarence when she was five. The kids called the killer, the drifter, he was never caught. Children are being murdered again. Though Dylan can only see their last moments, she knows its the drifter. Panic arises again in Dylan's town. I really enjoyed Sight for many reasons including the mystery of the drifter, the tragedy link and untold secrets. Dylan's friends don't know of her gift of sight. There are times when the friends are all together and you can almost feel them back in that moment.

Time to share

Dylan's part in the drifter story

"I'm the little sister in this, the one who slept through Christmas, who played with the box instead of her present, who thought the moon was made of cheese, who asked the librarian why she smelled like feet. My role I tell in this story is to make my friends laugh, to break the tension, and as they look at me with laughing and desperate eyes, I do."

Once started you won't want to stop reading Sight, when you get to the ending you'll be very happy you didn't.

An interview with the author

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