Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Louise, The Adventure of a Chicken Kate DiCamillo Harry Bliss

Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken - DiCamillo, Kate, Bliss, Harry

I gave a happy squeal when I saw this on the new release cart today. I stayed after work to read it, it was too long to read on the clock but we all know reading on the clock is wrong. However product knowledge is essential. I don't read picture books on the clock for me I do it for the parents - who ask " I am looking for a fun new picture book" and I do it for the children our future, so if reading picture books on the clock is wrong I don't want to be right. Though I am very happy I waited until I had time to read and enjoy this book. I loved it.

Louise lives in a hen house and longs for adventure. The picture book is broken up into four chapters. Louise goes on three adventures and returns home in the fourth. In the first chapter Louise boards a ship which is over taken by pirates. In the second chapter Louise joins the circus as the high wire act. In the third chapter she visits a faraway land sees a fortune teller and is captured.

I absolutely loved this this book. DiCamillo gives us a wonderful story, you can't help but enjoy following Louise on her adventures. The illustrations are beautiful. Bliss puts a lot of emotion in Louise's eyes. Each chapter is illustrated in its own color code so they fit the story being told. The text and illustrations are a perfect fit.

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From the second adventure

"However, too soon, walking the high wire with a pink umbrella became rather mundane, and Louise found herself longing for a little excitement. It was then that the lion got loose. Louise's heart beat fast within her feathered breast. Here at last was a true adventure.

Louise tells her sister hens about her adventures

The hens gathered round. They trembled as Louise told them of her adventures on the high seas. They murmured in alarm as she described the lion. They clucked in disapproval when they heard of the imprisoned chickens. As they listened, their hearts beat fast, fast within their feathered breasts.

Louise, the adventure of a Chicken is perfect for story time. I look forward to selling this book a lot and it will be a go to book for me this holiday season
received a starred PW review

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