Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Boyfriend League Rachel Hawthorne

The Boyfriend League Rachel Hawthorne It's the summer before Dani's senior year and she is determined to have a boyfriend at last. Dani and her best friend, Bird play on the high school softball team but now that its summer its all about baseball and boys. Dani loves baseball and its big in her hometown of Ragland, Texas.

Dani and Bird convince their parents to house a Rattler for the summer. The Rattlers are Ragland's summer collegiate baseball team. Dani plans to use her Rattler, Jason has an in to meet the other players on the team in hopes of finding a boyfriend. Boyfriend League moves with ease, Dani and Bird are fun to follow.

Dani and Bird watch the boys practice

Bird tapped the roster she'd given me when she'd picked me up earlier to bring me to the field. She'd added a column: Hottie Score. Shortstop is cute, I said. I glanced at the lineup. Chase Parker. "I can't tell at this distance " Bird said, "I wish they had these guys pictures on the roster"

Boyfriend League was a fun, quick and enjoyable read. The perfect mix of baseball, boys, and romance. I highly recommend it for girls who play in or around the circle or a pitching mound.

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