Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Doo-Wop Pop Roni Schotter

Doo-Wop Pop by Schotter, Roni, Collier, Bryan . When I first saw this picture book mention in Publisher Weekly children's fall releases it was a must read for me because I love Bryan Collier's illustrations. So thank you Lindsay from Harpers Collins for sending me an ARC

Mr Searle is a school janitor. In his younger days Mr Searle was a singer known as Snow Man. Now the kids call him Doo Wop Pop. Though he traded his mike for a broom Doo Wop Pop still has a few moves. While Doo Wop Pop is cleaning the gym one of the shy kids Elijah (Slipper) watches from the doorway captivated by the Sha-boom - Sha bop of the Doo Wop Pop. One of the things I loved about this picture book is it puts the shy kids front and center. Doo-Wop Pop teaches them how to shine. Schotter writing is smooth and rhythmic. Schotter manages to tell a story, pass along a few messages all the while keeping an easy jazzy tempo. Beautiful

"One day in the lunchroom, I'm sitting solo , eating my PB and J, when Doo Wop Pop comes over, smiles and says, "Hey", "I see you," he says "always hiding taking your notes. So take this down one of my favorite quotes It's no disgrace to show your face." I swallow some air, along with some fear

Doo Wop Pop meets a few of the shy kids after school, and tells them tales of his singing days. He encourges the kids to start a vocal group of there own. They are wary at first but soon begin to believe in each other and themselves, discovering their own sound.

There is alot to like about Doo Wop Pop. As always I am impressed by Bryan Collier's illustrations. Doo Wop Pop reminds me of the importance of adults taking an interest in children's lives and music or the arts in general in school. If not for Doo Wop Pop and the music the kids would still be too shy to try.

Doo Wop Pop released date in early Nov.

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