Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Phone Pacers

Phone Pacers go into a store not to shop or even browse but simply to talk on their cell phones. Phone Pacers look like trapped crazed animals walking back and forth while screaming into their phones.
Two examples of Phone Pacers conversations

That bit*h is not getting a dime of my money. I don't care what she said that fu*k*ng b*tch is crazy. I got the best lawyer, she'll be lucky to get one car.

No, you listen to me we had a deal. I don't care, we had a deal. You are not listening we had a deal. No I don't want to hear it we had a fu*k*n deal. I asked you over and over again do you want to do this. And what did you say? What did you say? Exactly, so you will do it.

Phone Pacers are unpredictable and the pacing freaks me out. The angrier they are the harder their steps and the louder they get. Can someone please tell me why Phone Pacers exist? Why would someone want to have a long personal conversations in a public place, loudly.


Liz Dwyer said...

LOL! It is so true! I see them all the time in the grocery store, just pushing the cart through the aisles over and over again. I cannot tell you how many conversations I've overhead (and blogged about) because of this!

Keri Mikulski said...

I agree!!!

Bam-Bam said...

Hilarious! What's with these crazies? A customer was complaining about one last week.