Monday, September 29, 2008

I love her, She's my favorite

Books are Beautiful- Another Unfortunate Skit

Jamie- Thanks for choosing Books are Beautiful. This is Jamie how can I help you today.
Customer- I want all the books you have on or about Madonna. I love her, she's my favorite
Jamie- Well the only book we have in right now is the one by her brother
Customer- No, I won't read anything that is anti Madonna. Her brother is just jealous she's the real talent in the family. Find me something else. I love Madonna, she's my favorite
Jamie ( planning her escape) That is the only book we have in right now about Madonna
Customer- Madonna is a singing icon and you only have one book. Shame on you. Well go ahead and order me something. I love Madonna, she's my favorite. Which Madonna do you like?
Jamie (will not engage the customer, pretends not to hear the question) Let me see what other Madonna books I can find for you.
Customer- I don't care, 80's 90's or now, I love Madonna, she's my favorite.
Jamie (this ends now) All the other Madonna books are out of print. Unfortunately we do not deal in out of print titles.
Customer- So where should I go?
Jamie (I really don't care) Try amazon


Anonymous said...

LOL I'm not sure. Did she like Madonna?

Apryl DeLancey said...

Your skits crack me up! You should write one about a new age nut next that is looking for margarita recipes.