Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Donavan's Double Trouble

Donavan's Double Trouble - Monalisa Degross - We were first introduced to Donavan in 1998 with Donavan's Word Jar. I loved the first book and though it took awhile I was happy to see a second book. Donavan is dealing with two problems. The first is fifth grade math, and the second is coping with his favorite uncle in a wheelchair. Like many fifth graders Doanvan is having trouble with multiplying large numbers. His uncle Vic was in the war and lost his legs, now Donavan doesn't know how to act around this new uncle who can't play basketball or dance. His fears and doubts about his uncle's wheelchair come across as real. He admits what many would be afraid to say out loud. Donavan has a strong family support system, they listen to him and give suggestions. He still collects words in a jar and spends quality time with his grandmother. It was nice watching Donavan work through his troubles. Neither was an easy fix but he kept at it, and his family was there to help. Life doesn't stop for Donavan's troubles, his school is preparing for Hertiage Month. Every April the kids are encouraged to invite adults to speak. One year someone played bagpipes, and someone else acted out all the animals in the Chinese horoscope. Degross found a very creative way to add a little diversity to her book.

Time to share

Donavan sees Uncle Vic a wheelchair for first time

"But not one of them had said right out, "They cut off Vic Carter's legs." He would have remembered that. The thin bearded man sitting in the wheelchair, was not laughing, dancing, basketball playing Uncle Vic Carter. Not the uncle who got on the bus at the armory and announced loudly to his family, "I'll be back" The crowd around him had laughed and laughed. That Uncle Vic had been replaced with this almost Uncle Vic."

Donavan goes to math class

"Man oh man, it's lima bean time." Pooh shook his head. "Yup," Donavan agreed. Whenever one of them had to face something that they hated, they called it limabean time.

Degross has written another very enjoyable early chapter book. Many kids will be able to relate to one or both of Donavan's troubles. There is a great surprise at the end of the book with Uncle Vic.
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Kelly said...

Wow, Doret. You have me hooked. I am going to look for this one :)

Doret said...

Oh good, I think you'll like it