Sunday, September 7, 2008

Switch by Snow, Carol. I really liked the premise of this book, Snow does an excellent job of explaining what it is and how it happens. 15 yr old Claire is body switcher like her grandmother. Switching occurs when lighting strikes, the electrical jolt causes Claire's spirit to fly out of her body and take over another until the two wake up and switch back. Claire lives in a small town that is prone to thunderstorms. Claire's grandmother, Evelyn died because of her ability to switch now she watches over Claire. When Claire takes over another body Evelyn steps into hers. Early on in the book Claire remembers when she was younger and thought her grandmother was a guardian angel who smoked. I know smoking is bad but there is something endearing about a dead grandmother who smokes. For two years Claire and Evelyn had the Switch under control, until Claire touched a light switch. Claire is caught of guard and takes over the body of Larissa. Larissa is the girl Nate likes, and Nate is guy Claire likes. Claire and Nate run in different circles but are acquaintances from the high school swim team and summer life guard program. Now in Larissa beautiful body, that boys love, Claire is able to get closer to Nate. I like the fact that Snow didn't make Nate a bad guy, he just wasn't attracted to Claire. Overall I really enjoyed Switch. Claire has a very likeable voice, and it was fun watching her grandmother have a living vacation.

"A girl who looked like me was leaning against the side of the brick building, partially hidden by the stinky brown dumpsters, cigarette in hand. Instead of the new jeans and layered top, she wore my mother's short-sleeved black dress and black high heeled shoes."

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