Sunday, September 28, 2008

Otherworldlies Jennifer Anne Kogel

Otherworldlies by Jennifer Anne Kogler Vampire books are not really my thing so I came very close to not reading this book. This week I had a mini vacation from work, no funds to travel and a limited book selection , so I picked Otherworldlies up and was pleasantly surprised. I happily lost myself in the world Kogler created. Fern McAllister is nothing like her twin brother,Sam, or older brother, Eddie. Fern's quirks and peculiar sensitivity to the sun does not stop her family from loving her. Fern is a 12 yr old middle school outcast, going through changes she can't explain. What I loved about Otherworldlies is its not oblivious Fern's a vampire. Though the preferred term is otherworldly, a different species of human. Yes, Fern knows she's different, odd and strange but that doesn't automatically add up to vampire. Kogler takes her time building the story. The first part is about Fern and the relationships in the McAllister household. We learn a lot about the bond between twins. Otherworldlies comes at a perfect pace thanks to Kogler's patient writing style. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more in this series. If you know a pre-teen or teen who hates vampire books Otherworldies may changed their mind.

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Fern hears the voices

"That's what Fern called them the Voices probably because whenever she heard them, there were no bodies attached. That very morning she heard them again, louder than ever. She had been lying in bed, waiting for her alarm to ring. Her spine stiffened when she realized, that once again she was the topic of conversation."

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