Thursday, May 22, 2008

Suite Scarlett - Maureen Johnson

Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson
The first book I read by Johnson was 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I thought it was okay. Next was Girl at Sea which I really enjoyed. Last week I finished her latest release Suite Scarlett, I am officially a fan. On the surface Johnson's books are good, but her subtle writing approach makes them great. Unfortunately, I didn't know this when I read 13 Little Blue Envelopes.
Suite Johnson is about a girl, Scarlett Martin and her family. The Martin's live in and own the Hopewell hotel in NYC. Scarlett has just turned 15 with no plans for the summer. Then the guest arrives

Scarlett's mother's face had slipped into that half paralyzed it got when a seriously paying customer was around.
"This is Mrs Amberson" She said to Scarlett she'll be here all summer.
"All summer? Scarlett repeated
"All summer," Mrs. Amberson said
"All summer." Her mother said again. "In the Empire Suite"
"The Empire Suite?" Scarlett said
This is adorable," Mrs Amberson cut in. "Do you often sing in rounds? Makes sense. You look a bit like the Von Trapps."

With an introduction like that I couldn't help but love Mrs Amberson. She was such a fun character. Mrs. Amberson stayed involving herself in family matters. Especially Scarlett's older brother Spencer's acting career. Mrs. Amberson a former thespian herself is determined to help Spencer.
Though Scarlett is the main character, her family plays a large roll as well. The family works together to keep The Hopewell hotel running. Johnson does a great job of showing the family relationships.
I was really excited when I got to the end it sounds like there may be a sequel. I am hoping this is so, I would love to see the Martin's again and of course Mrs. Amberson. Plus it would nice to see what Scarlett decides to do about the boy. Eric is his name he's Scarlett's first almost official boyfriend.

"This conversation was ridiculous. She had never actually imagined how you did this- she thouht it just happened. A mutual wave of understanding passed over both your heads, covering you completely in the warm waters of relationshop status. But no. Like most things in life, it required an unexpectedly awkward moment of bureaucracy"

I really enjoyed Suite Scarlett there were a lot of laughs to be found. Also all the Johnson's titles I've read are in my pre teen repertoire.

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