Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Dragon's Child - Jenny Nimmo

The Dragon's Child by Jenny Nimmo

The one good thing about doing recovery is finding new books. I was putting back some early chapter books and came across The Dragons's Child by Jenny Nimmo. I gave a little happy squeal. I am always excited to find new chapter books for early readers. Jenny Nimmo is the author of Charlie Bone books, a bestselling series for middle grade readers. I haven't read any of the Charlie Bone books. However, if an early chapter book looks slightly interesting I will read or at least skim it.

The story begins on an island with a mother dragon trying to teach the dragon child, Dando, how to fly. I loved the voice of the mother dragon. You could hear her frustration and impatience as she tried to teach Dando to fly. "No, no sighed the mother dragon lift your wings not your feet." Dando practiced and practiced yet couldn't fly. Flying is a must for dragons, as a group they always fly north. When its time to go he still can't fly. Mother dragon is desperate, so she decides to fly him on her back. Unfortunately Dando can't hold on, and mother dragon doesn't notice him fall. He would be alone on the island if not for bird. Bird and Dando had recently meet becoming quick friends. (for some reason bird makes me think of Woodstock, the snoopy bird) I won't give anything else away you'll have to read it for yourself. Though there is a girl who speaks the language of dragons (If there's a sequel I hope the author explains how she can speak the language of dragons) The island is inhabited by doggins, evil creatures who hunt in packs. Okay that's really it, no more. Check out the rest for yourself. This was a fun well paced read. I would recommend The Dragon's Child to struggling readers. It doesn't read young and is reluctant reader friendly.


Cate said...

Sounds very neat. I don't think we have this one at our store. I think I'll get it in. Thanks.

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This was an awesome book. I loved it! It was sad, funny, and exciting, but not very scary.
The dragon is cute. Great book for 8-year old boys or girls.