Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shoes or Sneakers, Sneakers or Shoes How about both?

Today I decided to wear my converse sneakers, giving my black shoes a break. When I put on my shoes in the morning I don't pay attention because I merely going through the motions. This morning I almost paid the price. I'd walked 10 steps from my apartment door and just happen to look down at my feet. I had a converse on my right foot, and a black shoe on my left. My first thoughts were how in the hell, what the hell am I on, and Thank God no one saw me. The shoes didn't feel any different they're both well worn in. After I put on my right converse, I just so happen to pick up the left black shoe. Since I normally where the black shoes I didn't think twice about putting it on. If I had only picked up the right black shoe this would not have happened. Somehow I got through the day without telling any of my co workers this story. It was on the tip of my tongue a couple of times but I always got distracted by work.


Toni Campbell said...

That is my biggest fear!! I once made it all the way to work without my glasses though. All of ya'll were real fuzzy that day.

Anonymous said...

All right.. I also wear Converse all star sneakers most of the days.