Monday, May 26, 2008

Impulse Ellen Hopkins

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
A co worker recently read Impulse and loved it. She wanted me to read it so we could discuss it. Of course I said yes, I do what I can to encourage my coworkers to continue reading YA. Plus I have yet to read any of Ellen Hopkins bestselling books. ( shame on me) Her first book Crank was published in 2004. There are four (and one on the way) Crank, Burned, Glass and Impulse. The singled titled bestsellers are about teen facing crisis or addiction. The novels are written in poetry form, each poem gliding into the other. Impulse is about three teens who attempted suicide. They all end up at Aspen Springs for treatment. There's Tony the street kid, Vanessa the cutter and Conner the clean cut All American teenager. Hopkins develops each character, giving us the how and why. I couldn't stop reading as each teen told their story. Hopkins poetry style works very well, the transitions are smooth.
While reading Impulse I wondered why it took me so long to pick up one these books. I couldn't help but love the honesty of it. There's something so right about these tough topics in a poetry form.
It cuts out all the B.S.
Ellen Hopkins new book Identical will be out August 26

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