Monday, May 26, 2008

Ruby and the Booker Boy Derrick Barnes

Brand New School, Brave New Ruby (Ruby And The Booker Boys) by Derrick Barnes I found this little goody on Sunday while helping a customer. I am always exicted to find a new early chapter series, and its featuring a black girl. What! Thats double sweetness. Ruby Booker is going to the third grade and a new school. I like Ruby from the start, first day jitters won't stop Ruby from being herself. Ruby's first day of school outfit is a purple and orange ensemble including mismatched sneakers. Ruby's schoolbag is in the shaped of a guitar. Its easy enough to go with the trend but Ruby's fearless, and does her own thing.

As I looked in the mirror for the last time, I whispered to myself,, "Ruby Marigold Booker, you are fabulous! And that's the truth.

Ruby has three older brothers Roosevelt, Tyner and Marcellus aka the Booker boys. The Booker boys are very popular at Hope Road Academy, Ruby's new school. Ruby's worried she won't make a name for herself at Hope Road Academy. She doesn't want to be seen as the Booker Boys little sister but rather Ruby the singer. Throughout the day Ruby is determined to shine, but each time its about to happen the PA system comes, and its always about one of Ruby's brothers. I enjoyed the PA interruptions, it was fun trying to guess what the announcement would be. In the end Ruby finds a way to stand out.
This is a great book for younger siblings. They will relate to Ruby's desire to make a name for herself and get out of older brother's shadows. Plus its not a hand me down book, thats double sweetness. Ruby is going to be a fun girl to follow. I love that Barnes doesn't neglect Ruby's family. His writing is fun and enjoyable.
This is going to be a great series I can't wait to read more. I won't have to wait long. Trivia Queen, 3rd Grade Supreme, the second book in the Ruby and Booker Boys series was released with book one

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