Sunday, May 18, 2008

Adult Magazines in Children's Section

So I am doing my thing is children's working on displays, helping customers and cleaning up, nothing serious. As I am walking passed a table with YA and MG titles I notice that The C.S Lewis Omnibus is in the wrong spot, and Laurie Anderson's Speak in its place. I pick up Speak and find an adult magazine underneath. It wasn't even anything classy like Playboy, the magazine was very graphic. I was freakin pissed, I really don't understand why someone would do that. I was just glad I found it. So I take the magazine away thinking its over. Never underestimate perverted persistence. I am away from the section for about 15 minutes. I get back to find another adult magazine (2 actually) this time on the table with picture books for fathers day. Again I was lucky enough to find it. This time I was beyond pissed, I told my manager. One magazine I let it go as fluke, two times is a pattern there will probably be a third time but it wont be on the same day as one and two. Of course I didn't see or catch anyone. I have yet to catch any of these pervs. These MF could be using their sleuth powers for good instead they plant adult magazines in children section. One day though I will catch one in the act. I can't wait.


Nexgrl said...

I'd bet that they are somewhere among the shelves and or books in the children's section, or not very far away. Pay close attention, not all pervs look creepy.

Doret said...

They probably got a kick out of watching my ass walk away mad with no suspect. Bastard.
Thanks for stopping by nexgrl love your blog