Thursday, May 1, 2008

I love selling Non Bestsellers

Books are bestsellers because they're good and kids love them. When a kid comes in looking for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and they're so excited they can't stop talking about it. I get it and love that enthusiasm. If a kids happiness over a bestseller doesn't warm your booklovers heart, I don't want to know you. Come next week when the new Percy Jackson book comes out, kids (few adults as well) will come looking for it, I too will share in their joy and plan on reading it. As much as I enjoy selling bestsellers I love selling non bestsellers. I love selling the other books on the shelve. I think its because I have to work a little bit harder .I like having to work for it sometimes it keeps me on my toes. Also the customer must trust me a little bit more. Sure this is easy with my reqular customers I've already built a relationship with them. Though I know I am at the top of my game when I can get a regular to order a book they haven't seen. (That's some serious trust, and I don't take it for granted) When I get new customers in the kids section I use my time wisely to convice them I know a little something about kids books. Once I know I have their trust,I will show them non bestsellers and bestsellers. I think every book deserves a chance to sell.

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