Friday, July 31, 2009

Soccer Chick Rules Dawn FitzGerald

Soccer Chick Rules by Dawn FitzGerald If Meg Cabot wrote book with a sports chick it would read something like Soccer Chick Rules. 13 yr old Tess is a great athlete and loves soccer. Tess doesn't care about politics but she becomes active when school athletics are threatened. If a levy doesn't pass there will be no more team sports. Tess works with other athletes to get the word out to voters to vote yes, for the levy. This is serious business but Soccer Chick Roles is still a laugh out loud read. Tess is great and so are her friends Bo and Ibby. Fitzgerald's writing is wonderful all around, this story doesn't live or did with soccer. Though it is some great soccer. I was happily surprised by the ending. I highly recommend Soccer Chick Rules This is a must read for girls who love Meg Cabot and playing on their field of choice. Ages 10up

I didn't do this book enough justice, so

FitzGerald has another book Getting in the Game (ice hockey)

btw, If I am linking to two previews in one post, that is some serious reader love. So check out at least one.

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