Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Cream Puffs Karen Day

No Cream Puffs by Karen Day 12 yr old Madison is very good at sports. She was on the undefeated volleyball team with her best friend Sara. Madison begins to feel like the old girl out when Casey Cunningham moves to town. Casey is all about make-up and boys, and does her best to make Madison feel unpretty. After an incident in the rest room, Madison is on edge when she returns to the cafeteria. Madison gets into a fist fight with Billy. Billy did his best to embarrass Madison in gym class because she was beating him at basketball. Now in the cafeteria, Billy has no problem punching a girl. There is a misunderstanding with Sara, and Madison has no friends by her side. Set in 1980's Michigan, and girls don't play league baseball with the boys. Madison's older brother David, is her coach, he convinces her to try out for a summer league. Madison easily makes the team, named starting pitcher. Its a big deal that Madison is the first girl to play with the boys. Ivy must deal with all the extra that comes with being the first girl. The games are standing room only, people write op ed pieces for the newspaper about whether or not this is good for baseball . Madison doesn't like being called a pioneer or feminist, she just wants to play baseball. Like most good sports novel, this is about more than what happens on the field. Ivy is trying to find her place- does loving baseball mean she can't wear lipstick? I really enjoyed No Cream Puffs. Day writes a great game. Ages 10 up
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