Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pretty Tough Liz Tigelaar

PrettyTough by Liz Tigelaar - Sisters, Charlie and Kirsta don't get along so well. After an incident in the high school cafeteria, Charlie decided to distance herself from her older sister. Charlie gave up soccer for surfing. Krista is going into her senior year, and is one of the better soccer players. There is a new soccer coach this year, and she recruits Charlie. At first Charlie joins the team, to get on her sisters nerves but she soon likes being about of the team. I really enjoyed Pretty Tough. There were one or two pop culture references that dated the book, (pubs 2007) but not enough to take away from enjoyment. The telling alternates between the two sisters. The soccer action on the field was excellent. Pretty Tough is a wonderful sports book. Girls who play soccer will love. Charlie and Kirsta are both three dimensional characters, many girls will be able to relate to one or both sisters. So girls who have never touched a soccer ball will enjoy it as well. Ages 11up

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Apryl DeLancey said...

You are definitely on a sports kick! Awesome!