Thursday, July 23, 2009

I revisit Dear Julia, in time for the Julie and Julia Movie

With the upcoming release of the Julie and Julia movie, I have been meaning to repost my review of Amy Bronwen Zemser's Dear Julia But I've been, dragging a bit. Though I decided today was the day. I needed to do something light and fun after reading so much about the cover controversy regrading the upcoming YA release Liar . So Dear Julia it is, my review.
I loved this book. It was passed around the bookstore 3 out 4 people loved it. I am not just saying that so we sound like dentist. I wish I could say it was loved by all.

If you plan on seeing Julie and Julia or you're a fan of Julia Childs, or you want to laugh long and hard, I highly recommend buying Dear Julia for yourself or a young reader you want to share your love of Julia Childs or cooking with.

Forget my review, read this excerpt


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my post.

I agree with you. The publishing world really doesn't give teens enough credit. Even though I think books with poc on their covers would sell, I still don't think they'd sell as well as books with white people on their covers, which is a shame.


Colleen said...

The movie looks good - I hope it is; I really want it to be.

And yeah, the Liar controversy is sucking the life out of everyone. I wish it would go away but then again - the fact that it is here means we can't ignore it.


Delray Beach Dentist said...

I was thinking about reading this book, I will pick it up today! Thanks for the review!