Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Necessary Hunger Nina Revoyr

The Necessary Hunger by Nina Revoyr - 16 yr old Nancy Takahiro is a star forward on her basketball team. It's 1984, Nancy and her dad, Wendell are the only Japanese family living in Compton. The two get stares from a few neighbors this only increases when Wendell's, Black girlfriend Claudia and daugther Raina move in. Now their are two basketball stars in the house. At first the living situation is awkward, more so for Nancy because she has feelings for Raina. Raina already has a girlfriend and has no romantic interest in Nancy. Revoyr does a wonderful with the novel's setting. She makes the reader feel 80's LA. Being basketball playing girl in 80's LA, it's only natural that she follow USC and be a Cheryl Miller fan. There is so much to love about Necessary Hunger. Revoyr's wrote a very beautiful multi layered story. Wendell and Raina (the parents) are being questioned by friends for dating outside of their race. It's Nancy and Raina's last year of school both are being scouted heavily by colleges. When Nancy hangs out with her friends, she is the only Japanese girl. Anyone can relate to a character, who tries to see themselves through the eyes of a stranger and their presumptions on their identity. The author does an excellent job with a lovely job with Nancy's home family and basketball (girls who love girls) family. Nancy and Raina play for different high schools . Though I didn't want it to happen, their teams playing each other was inevitable. It happened towards the end, and I am very happy I got what I didn't want. The basketball is beautiful. Ages 13up


Color Online said...

How do you always find the best books? :-)

You realize I have shallow pockets and very big eyes. lol

Doret said...

Susan, sometimes I just get very lucky. You must add this to your unofficial YA list, after you've had a couple of hours of rest. You deserve it.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

I read this book a few years back with a book club and I remember enjoying it a lot. It felt very authentic to California.