Saturday, July 4, 2009

Make Way For Dyamonde Daniel Nikki Grimes

Make Way For Dyamonde Daniel by Nikki Grimes- I was very happy when I got my hands of a copy of this book. Dyamonde Daniel, is a super smart,and outspoken 3rd grader who loves even numbers. Dyamonde and her mother moved after the divorce. Dyamonde talks about adjusting to all the changes, like not having her own room and leaving her best friend. I loved the straight forwardness of Dyamonde. Dyamonde's been at her new school for three weeks and is still on a look out for a new best friend. She gets along well with her new classmates and already knows all her neighbors. Only person Dyamonde can't figure out is the other new kid, Free. Free is always angry and scaring the other kids. Dyamonde refuses to watch Free be rude all the time, she finally confronts him. Let me go ahead and add brave to the many things Dyamonde Daniel is, because only a brave person would approach someone bigger, demanding answers and apologises. I really enjoyed this book and I loved Dyamonde Daniel. Grimes draws a wonderful picture of Dyamonde's Brookyln Heights neighborhood. Ages 7up The second book in the series, Rich, Dyamonde Daniel will be released in October

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