Monday, July 6, 2009

Boost Kathy Mackel

Boost by Kathy Mackel I was very happy I finally got my hands on this and I was not disappointed. 13yr old Savvy is six foot two and a skilled basketball player. Her older sister, Callie is a cheerleader. Savvy's family are forced to move in with aunt Betty in Rhode Island. They lost everything in New Mexico and must start over. The book begins with Savvy trying out for the 16U basketball league. At the tryouts Savvy meets Gonzo, another great player. Gonzo convinces Savvy to go out for the 18U league. The two make the squad and are the youngest on the team. Savvy is a natural but is at a disadvantage size wise. To remain in the game Savvy must get bigger and stronger. She is committed to training and improving her game. Savvy's aunt Betty keeps a sheep farm. She takes on the responsibility of caring for the sheep and keeping the coyotes away when aunt Betty is injured. Savvy reminds me a lot of DJ from Dairy Queen. Like DJ, Savvy, loves her game and will do anything to help her family in tough times, even if it means doing more than what's fair. Also, they both have the same workout regime, farm fitness. Boost is a well rounded story, Mackel doesn't limit it to the basketball court. Savvy has her eye on Marc, an older football player. At school she must deal with all the jokes and stares that go along with being 6 foot 2, in the 8th grade. Her father is starting a life outside of sports. Callie is living with the guilt of ending her father's career and trying to lose weight for cheerleading. As the 18U season continues, Savvy's game gets better, she soon starting. Mackel writes a great game, its easy to see the action on the court. After beating a rival team, pills are found in Savvy's gym bag, and the whispers of steriod use begins. I felt Savvy's fear, confusion and anger at this accusation. Boost was a wonderful read. I highly recommend it, especially for fans of Murdock's Dairy Queen series. Ages 11up


Apryl DeLancey said...

You make me want to read this too!

Doret said...

Its really good